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Women in Science

Historical, Social and Policy Studies


  1. "The 2005-06 Public Debate on the Under-representation of Women in Science," NSF-SGER project, Principal Investigator: Dr. Pnina G. Abir-Am, Research Associate, Brandeis University/HBI. (for other topics see

    Interim Results (88 respondents, PDF) in Anonymous Form of Survey on the 2005–06 Debate
  2. Historical Studies of Women in Science (including HSS Award Winners; WITH: Tech. Hist.)
  3. Wo/men Scientists' Position Statements (including self-help organizations)
  4. Philosophical and Theoretical Studies of Gender and Women in Science

  5. Social Studies of Contemporary Women Scientists (sociological, anthropological, economic, psychological, journalistic, and policy related)

  6. Studies by the PI, Collaborators, and Colleagues