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I am a postdoctoral instructor at the math department at Brandeis. I study number theory in general, and automorphic forms in particular. My research is mainly focused on the relative trace formula and the local problems that arise in its applications.

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I am currently teaching MATH 15A, "Applied linear algebra" and MATH 23B, "Introduction to proofs". The course pages are available on LATTE.

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Everytopic seminar

Corey Bregman and I are co-organizing the Everytopic seminar at Brandeis. Talks are colloquium style and are suitable for a broad audience of mathematicians, including graduate students. Each seminar is 50 minutes and is followed by pizza. We usually meet Mondays at 5PM in Goldsmith 300 . The schedule for Spring 2020 can be found below.


Speaker (Affiliation)

Title and abstract

Jan. 27 Elden Elmanto (Harvard) Cobordisms and moduli spaces in algebraic geometry:
Naively, one might guess that a cobordism between two smooth varieties is defined by another smooth variety (of one dimension higher) admitting a projective morphism to P^1. This is almost correct, save for some serious transversality issues. In this talk, we will give a survey of the theory of algebraic cobordism (due to Voevodsky Levine-Morel, and Levine-Pandharipande), give some examples and say what the the theory is good for. We will then give some recent progress on how to solve transversality issues using derived algebraic geometry. Part of this is joint work with Bachmann, Hoyois, Sosnilo and Yakerson.

Feb. 3 No speaker
Feb. 10 No speaker
Feb. 24 Andreas Mihatsch (MIT) Moduli of p-divisible groups:
The aim of this talk is to provide some background for two recent breakthroughs in arithmetic intersection theory, namely the proof of the Arithmetic Fundamental Lemma (AFL) by Wei Zhang and the proof of the Kudla-Rapoport (KR) Conjecture by Chao Li and Wei Zhang. Both results concern intersection numbers on moduli spaces of p-divisible groups.
We will begin by defining p-divisible groups and by explaining how they come up in arithmetic geometry. We will then define their moduli spaces and illustrate some of their geometric properties. We end with a brief discussion of the two aforementioned results.

Mar. 2 Sebastien Picard (Harvard) Non-Kahler Calabi-Yau manifolds:
We will discuss a certain class of manifolds introduced by string theorists C. Hull and A. Strominger. These spaces are non-Kahler Calabi-Yau threefolds. We propose to study this geometry by using the Anomaly flow, which is a nonlinear flow of non-Kahler metrics. This talk will contain joint work with T. Fei, D.H. Phong, and X.-W. Zhang.

Mar. 9
Mar. 16
Mar. 23 Anthony Conway (Max Planck) TBD
Mar. 27
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Matt Kerr (WUSTL) TBD
Apr. 20
Apr. 27 Rachael Norton (Fitchburg State) TBD
May 4

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