Daniel Ruberman

Ph.D., Mathematics, UC Berkeley, 1982
My research interests range over low-dimensional topology and knot theory. Most of my recent work has focused on 4-manifolds, using tools of gauge theory.


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Most of my courses no longer have home pages; information about assignments, etc., can be found on Latte.

Math 221b Spring '16: Instanton Floer Theory Unofficial home page; official page is the course LATTE page, which requires a Brandeis login.
Courses from previous years Home pages
Math 221b Spring '12: Foliations and contact structures Syllabus
Math 221b Spring '10: Heegaard-Floer theory Syllabus, Heegaard-Floer flow chart

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I co-organize (with Carolyn Abbott, Ruth Charney and Kiyoshi Igusa) the Topology Seminar, which is also listed on the Boston Topology Seminars Calendar. Along with Martha Lagace, I am the webmaster for the Math Department web page. .

Here is my mathematical ancestry, courtesy of the Mathematics Genealogy Project, now run at North Dakota State University.

Former PhD students:

1991 Hans Boden Representations of Orbifold Groups and Parabolic Bundles
1994 Su-Ming Wu A Connected Sum Theorem for Kuranishi Vector Fields on 3-Manifolds
1996 Luc Patry Points of Structural Transitions of Dirichlet Domains and Applications to Flat 3-Manifolds and Lens Spaces
1998 Benoit Gérard Singular Connections on Three-Manifolds and Manifolds with Cylindrical Ends
2001 Saso Strle Genus Bounds for Divisible Two-dimensional Homology Classes in Four-manifolds
2002 The Khoi Vu A Cut and Paste Method for Computing Seifert Volume
2005 Hee Jung Kim Modifying Surfaces in 4-Manifolds by Twist-Spinning
2007 Sridhar Rajagopalan Heegaard Floer homology and symmetries of knots and links in the three sphere
2007 Georgi Gospodinov Relative invariants of Legendrian knots
2010 Mark Radosevich Concave spin fillings of contact 3-manifolds
2012 Matt Graham Studying Embedded Surfaces Using Heegaard-Floer Theory
2013 Alyson Hildum (Burchardt) The Hausmann-Weinberger 4-manifold invariant of right-angled Artin groups
2015 Tynan Kelly Twisted Linking Numbers and Casson-Gordon Invariants
2017 Katherine Raoux τ-invariants for knots in rational homology spheres
2017 Biji Wong Torsion Invariants of 3-orbifolds, Equivariant Corks, & Heegaard Floer Homology
2020 Langte Ma Gluing and Surgery for the Casson-Seiberg-Witten Invariant of Integral Homology S1 x S3
2020 McKee Krumpak Twisted h-invariants
2023 Ian Montague Seiberg-Witten Floer K-Theory and Cyclic Group Actions
2023 Charles Stine Surfaces and Corks in Knot Traces

And now I'm a grandfather (academically speaking)!

2011 George Dragomir, McMaster University (Hans Boden) Closed Geodesics on Compact Developable Orbifolds
2014 Eva Horvat, University of Ljubljana (Saso Strle) Double Plumbings of Disk Bundles over Spheres
2016 Lindsay White, McMaster University (Hans Boden) Alexander invariants of periodic virtual knots
2018 Homayun Karimi, McMaster University (Hans Boden) Alternating virtual knots
2023 Jie Chen, McMaster University (Hans Boden) Flat knots and invariants

Current PhD students:

Haochen Qiu

My collaborators over the years

Contact information:

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Brandeis University
Waltham, MA 02454-9110
310 Goldsmith Hall
Telephone: (781) 736-3074
Email: ruberman@brandeis.edu
Fax: (781) 736-3085

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