To applicants and potential applicants to Brandeis

I will be retiring from Brandeis as of July 1, 2024, and am no longer accepting PhD students. But the comments below might be useful to you in searching for alternate advisor.

I often get emails in the course of the year from potential graduate students who have applied or are thinking of applying to Brandeis' PhD program. I always respond to those inquiries, but there are a couple of themes in the questions that frequently arise, so I thought I would put down what my typical response would be.

Students often describe their qualifications and interests, and then ask about admissions to the graduate program. My answer is always the same: if you meet the prerequisites for admissions, then please apply! The Math Department website and that of the Graduate School explain all of the procedures, and you should read those web pages carefully.

The other question I get is about whether I will accept the applicant as a PhD student. I do have a lot of students right now (AY 2011-12) and there probably is a point after which I won't want to take many more. Here is my typical response to this question: I have never had a policy of choosing students to work with me in advance of their arrival at Brandeis; I think this is fairly typical for US graduate programs. Normally, students come to Brandeis and meet the various people in their fields of interest, and then an agreement is worked out between advisor and student to work together. I think this is best, because the advisor-student relationship has a personal side as well as a mathematical side, and both of these are difficult to judge at a distance.

So the bottom line is--please apply, and contact me if you want to discuss any aspect of our graduate program, including (but not limited to) my research work. I hope to see you at Brandeis!