Brian Sadacca was a student in the neuroscience graduate program @ brandeis university
he's still busy studying brain dynamics, 
looking at how regions of the brain interact to process natural rewards, but now does so at the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

When he was at Brandeis, his work centered on:

multi-electrode recording of single neurons and their summed activity via local field potentials 
in both insular cortex and the central nucleus of the amygdala 
looking at interactions between spikes/LFPs within each region and between both regions 
in both the time and frequency domains  
and looking at activity related to the value of a taste on the tongue, 
with the value estimated by how fast a rat is willing to lick the taste from a spout 
both under normal circumstances, and as modulated by changing salt and water balance
If he was still at brandeis you might have contacted him:
via email (sadacca at brandeis)
via real mail (brandeis university, MS008)
or in person (office and lab are on the 3rd floor of the bassine biology building)
if you want a somewhat-recent cv, go here
if you want on his single-trial spike train analysis from SFN2011, go here
if you want to see the lab brian hung around in at brandeis, go here
if you want to see where brian is working now, go here
if you want to see where brian worked at pitt, go here