Vote Noam Shuster for Senator at EXTRA EXTRA Large!


Hello everyone,

I am appreciative for all of the support that has allowed me to be on the ballot for Senator at Large.

I grew up in a village called Neve Shalom~Wahat al Salaam- the Oasis of Peace- the only community in Israel where Israelis and Palestinians choose to live together and build a harmonious community. I came to Brandeis as a Slifka Co-existence Scholar. The program chooses peace activists in Israel to be students at Brandeis and continue coexistence work.

I plan to bring the values I developed throughout my life into my work as Senator at Large. Through me, individual voices on campus will be able to be heard, and I will take the issues students truly care about to Senate.

The elections are this Thursday. If you have any questions for me, feel free to speak to me if you see me around campus or contact me:

Thank you!

My Platform:

A Dialogue of Peace

The ideals of peace and co-existence have been the defining principles of Noam's life.  Growing up as an Israeli in a community in which Israelis and Palestinians lived in harmony taught Noam the value of cooperation instead of division, and she intends to bring this rich philosophy to the Student Union.  Noam will stand in contrast to the political infighting that has hampered the Union for so long and will ensure that every campus group has a fair place at the table.

Student Rights

For too long, our campus has suffered from an administration that has ignored its own stated principles and common-sense student rights.  Our police were armed with no student input in the implementation of the policy.  Our money was taken from the hands of the F-Board and given to the administration to decide how to use.  One of our own students was stripped of his right to due process and kicked off of campus without a proper hearing.  Noam understands that these decisions threaten the rights of every student at Brandeis, and she will ensure that a thorough Student Bill of Rights is implemented as soon as possible.

Endowment Transparency

Brandeis has over a half billion dollars invested to create its endowment; the problem is that barely anyone knows what companies we invest in.  Many colleges and universities are releasing their investment information to prove their choices are responsible, yet our administration is steadfast in its refusal to pay attention to growing student pressure and do likewise.  Noam will do whatever she can to continue to pressure the administration for full endowment transparency and to provide proper oversight in the investment process.

Dining Reform

There is not a student on campus who does not have a complaint about the way dining services are operated.  Noam appreciates the problems that each and every one of her future constituents have, and she will work hard to address every issue and make dining services work for as many people as possible.

Environmental Responsibility

The threat that global warming presents to our environment is becoming greater every day, and no institution can fail to do their part in combating it -- not even Brandeis University.  Noam will ensure that Brandeis remains environmentally responsible in all of its decisions.  This includes (but is not limited to): making the greatest possible use of recycled and recyclable products, building all new structures in accordance with strict environmental controls, and bringing the discussed bicycle rental program to Brandeis in as accessible a format as possible.