Curricular Integration: Rainforest

Students created this Rain Forest bulletin board after researching their layer.

In the Rain Forest unit we studied many organisms and how they connect to each other. Students became experts on one of the layers of the Rain Forest. They learned about their layers through group research, reading groups and other specific lessons. Through this unit I was very impressed to see the students take initiative in their groups and really delve into our research material. Along with learning about their layer each student focused on an organism within the layer as part of their final assessment. In this unit we also looked at how we as Jews connect to and influence the environment through environmental mitzvot.

This is one of the groups working cooperatively. They are sharing a couple books and exploring different organisms in their layer. We created this KWL in the beginning of the unit so students could access their prior Rain Forest knowledge.

Unit overview

Rain Forest Poetry Lesson

Rain Forest Final Assessment

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