Thomas Barnet-Lamb's Website

My name is Thomas Barnet-Lamb, and I am a lecturer in Mathematics at Brandeis University. My area of academic research is in Number Theory, and more specifically I study potential automorphy and Rapoport-Zink spaces. From 2010--2011 I will be a member of the Institute of Advanced Study in Princeton, NJ.

I completed my dissertation, under the direction of Richard Taylor, in June 2009. Here it is, if you want to read it. (You quite possibly don't though; my papers, found below, cover the same material with less waffle. But maybe you like waffle.)

Office: 205 Goldsmith Hall

Postal address: Thomas Barnet-Lamb, Department of Mathematics, Brandeis University, 415 South Street MS 050, Waltham, MA 02454, USA.


This semester I am teaching Math 28a, Introduction to rings and fields and Math 201a, topics in Number Theory. My office hours are Wednesday 10-11am and Thursday 1530-1630. You can find out much more about these courses on their dedicated websites (28b, 201a).

In the past I have taught
(fall 2009) Math 28a, calculus of several variables, Brandeis University. (Website.)
(fall 2008) Math Xa, integrated calculus and precalculus I, Harvard Math dept
(fall 2007) Math 21a, introduction to multivariable calculus, Harvard Math dept
(summer 2007) Summer tutorial: Ramsay Theory, Harvard Math dept
(fall 2006) Math Xa, integrated calculus and precalculus I, Harvard Math dept
(summer 2006) Summer tutorial: Category Theory, Harvard Math dept
(spring 2006) Math Xb, integrated calculus and precalculus II, Harvard Math dept
(fall 2005) Math Xa, integrated calculus and precalculus I, Harvard Math dept


Potential automorphy for certain Galois Representations to GL(2n), arXiv:0811.1586 [math.NT]

Analytic continuation for the Zeta function of a Dwork hypersurface, arXiv:0811.1588 [math.NT]

On the potential automorphy of certain odd-dimensional Galois representations, arXiv:0901.2514 [math.NT]

A family of Calabi-Yau varieties and potential automorphy II (with D. Geraghty, M. Harris, and R. Taylor), pdf, dvi

The Sato-Tate conjecture for Hilbert Modular Forms (with T. Gee and D. Geraghty), pdf

Congruences between Hilbert modular forms: constructing ordinary lifts in parallel weight two (with T. Gee and D. Geraghty), pdf

Potential automorphy and change of weight (with T. Gee, D. Geraghty and R. Taylor), pdf


Introduction to stacks for number theorists (pdf, dvi)
This was my Harvard minor thesis; it's meant to be an expository account, which might hopefully be useful to other people. Various people have asked for it, so I thought I'd put it here.

The Dold-Thom theorem (pdf, dvi)
This expository account of the Dold-Thom theorem was written for a class. It is very likely of interest to no-one at all, but I thought I would put it here just in case.


While applying for academic jobs in 2008, I wrote a statement of research interests and a teaching statement. They are still fresh enough that they might be of some interest.

I am not cut out for blogging, but if I were, my blog would be called TBLog. It would have a logo a little like the one on this page. (NB the logo changes with time.)