Academic Dialogue on Applied Ethics

This site hosts online discussions by invited academics on various topics in applied ethics, including abortion, pornography and euthanasia. Discussions occur over a specified period of time and then move on to a new topic with new participants, but all are archived for ongoing access. The site is maintained by Robert Cavalier ( and Charles Ess (

American Society of Law, Medicine & Ethics

The mission of the American Society of Law, Medicine & Ethics (ASLME) is to provide high-quality scholarship, debate, and critical thought to the community of professionals at the intersection of law, health care, policy, and ethics. This web page provides information on the activities of the Society and is maintained by

Animal Rights Resource Site

This site provides FAQs, reference materials, essays, guides, journals and leaflets, links to other animal-rights resources sites, an animal rights chat room, and more. It is maintained by Allen Schubert (

Applied Ethics Resources

Maintained by Chris MacDonald (, this site provides links to resources in biomedical, business, computer and information, professional, and science and technology ethics.

Applied Research Ethics National Association (ARENA)

ARENA is a membership organisation for those involved in the day-to-day application of ethical principles, governmental regulations, and other policies regarding research and clinical practice. The web site provides information on the aims, services and activities of the Association, and is maintained by

Ariadne's Thread: Experiments in Critical Thinking

Ariadne's Thread is concerned with arguments related to politically-significant ethical issues like abortion. The arguments are mainly ethical rather than legal or political. The purpose of this site is not to promote any particular answer to any particular question. It is rather to help each of us to critically analyse, to practice a kind of moral reasoning, and to develop reasoned views of our own. The current discussion topic is on abortion. The site is maintained by James DeHullu ( ).

Baobab's Natural Philosophy Center

This website provides access to a collection of articles and web resources about natural philosophy, environmental ethics, ecological philosophers, environmental laws, and our connection to the natural world. Users can subscribe to a newsletter advising of additions to the site.

Bibliography of Bioethics

This page, hosted and maintained by the National Center for Genome Resources (, provides access to a large and well-organised, searchable bibliography edited by LeRoy Walters and Tamar Joy Kahn of the Kennedy Institute of Ethics, Georgetown University. A list of related journals, and a glossary of genetic terms are also linked to this site.

Big Dummies Guide to Theology, Philosophy and Ethics

By Orrin R. Onken (, this page serves as a somewhat humourous introduction to philosophy, theology, and ethics.

Bioethics Discussion Pages

This site includes a discussion on physician-assisted suicide, polls on various ethical issues including harvesting of organs for transplantation, and links to bioethics resources.  It is maintained by Maurice Bernstein, M.D. (

Bioethics Website

This site was developed for bioethics students at Charles Sturt University in Australia, but its resources are available to the electronic community at large. Featuring information on the ethical dilemmas posed by issues such as Jenner's smallpox vaccination research and the medical experimentation exposed in the Nuremberg trials, this site provides comprehensive and well-designed information for students of bio-ethics.

Biomedical Ethics Bookmarks

This site provides links to a range of sources on the net for biomedical ethics. The site is maintained by Jeff McLaughlin..

Biomedical Ethics: Readings on the Internet

This site, maintained by Roger J. Rigterink (, provides access to a range of papers in biomedical ethics. While this page was created for use within an undergraduate biomedical ethics course, none of the linked readings require an extensive philosophical or medical background. Thus, anyone with an active curiosity concerning the topics covered might find this page of interest.

British Society for Ethical Theory

Information on the society, and links to its mailing list and ethics-related resources can be found at this site, which is maintained by Jimmy Lenman ( A mirror of the site is located at and maintained by David McNaughton (

Center for Advancement of Applied Ethics

The CAAE, located at Carnegie Mellon University, is a research and development environment that focuses on teaching people practical methods for analysing and responding to real ethical problems. The Center's members combine knowledge and experience from different areas: interactive multimedia, business and professional ethics, and conflict resolution. This site, maintained by Robert Cavalier (, includes links to Project Theoria, discussion on firearms policy, conflict resolution, and more.

Center for Applied Ethics

This site, located at the University of British Columbia and maintained by Chris MacDonald (, provides general information on the workings of the Center, plus links to a range of applied ethics resources, and information on the research projects of the Center.

Center for Bioethics, University of Pennsylvania

This site, overseen by Glenn McGee (, provides information on the Center, plus links to a bioethics library and other related materials.

Center for Research Ethics

Information on the activities of the Center, its current research projects, and links to related material can be found at this site, located at Ghothenburg in Sweden and maintained by

Center for the Study of Ethics in the Professions

The Center for the Study of Ethics in the Profession at the Illinois Institute of Technology was established in 1976 for the purpose of promoting education and scholarship relating to the professions. The Center is currently developing a code of ethics database, accessible online. Links to the Center's newsletters and library are also available, and the Center can be contacted at

Computer Ethics

As computer technology grows increasingly ubiquitous, ethical considerations in the computer environment become paramount. This site provides a collection of links to information relating to ethics and computing. It is maintained by Meng Weng Wong (

Consortium Ethics Program

The Consortium Ethics Program is co-sponsored by the University of Pittsburgh's Center for Medical Ethics, and the Hospital Council ofWestern Pennsylvania. This site, maintained by Alan Joyce (, provides links to the Community Ethics Electronic Newsletter, guide to membership, and links to online ethics resources.


DeathNet specialises in "end-of-life" issues. It was created by John Hofsess, Executive Director of The Right to Die Society of Canada, in collaboration with Derek Humphry, founder of the National Hemlock Society in 1980, author of the international best-seller Final Exit in 1991, and currently President of ERGO! (Euthanasia Research and Guidance Organisation) in Eugene, Oregon. DeathNet offers a large collection of "right to die" materials and services. It gathers together a wide array of information dealing with specific illnesses and severe disabilities - especially those of a life-threatening nature. It provides connecting links to medical libraries and other online services dealing with bereavement, caregiving, emotional support and counselling. DeathNet also provides advice on "living wills", palliative care, and all aspects of assisted suicide and euthanasia. The maintainers of the site can be contacted at

Engineering Ethics

Ethics in engineering is a very important aspect of the field that is often overlooked by new students. This page provides a collection of links to information on ethics in engineering, and is maintained by Robert Tillerson (

Environmental Ethics Graduate Programs

This page provides links to a range of graduate programs offered in the US, UK, and Australia. It is part of the Center for Environmental Philosophy site, maintained by Eugene Hargrove (

Ethical Issues of Animal Research

This site provides information relating to both the 1996 and 1997 Conferences on Ethics and Animal Research. The page is maintained by

Ethics and Genetics: A Global Conversation

What do you think about genetic testing, genetic enhancement, gene therapy, genetic engineering? This "electric conversation" lets you post your comments instantly and engage in live conversation with any of the hundreds who visit our site every week. 10 researchers in the field serve as discussants, posting remarks, papers, and comments upon which visitors can comment. The site is maintained by Glenn McGee (

Ethics Center for Engineering and Science

Located at MIT, the Center aims to provide engineers, scientists, science and engineering students with resources useful for understanding and addressing ethically significant problems that arise in their work life. The Center is also intended to serve teachers of engineering and science students who want to include discussion of ethical problems closely related to technical subject as a part of science and engineering courses, or in free-standing subjects in professional ethics or in research ethics for such students. This site provides access to a range of resources including essays, ethical codes and guidelines, instructional resources, links to research-related materials and much more. It is maintained by students at MIT, and is also available in a Spanish version.

Ethics Connection

This page is provided by the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University. The site has the feel of an online zine, providing short online papers on ethical issues, a link to the Center's quarterly online publication, and a database of links to ethics-related resources on the net.

Ethics in Science

This site provides a range of resources including a science-ethics bibliography - an extensive list of publications that pertain to ethics and misconduct in science, plus selected essays on ethics in science, and links to related sites. It is maintained by Brian Tissue (

Ethics, Law and Computing Resource Site

This site was designed to provide resources for students studying ethics and legal issues relating to computing. It includes links to a range of ethics, law, and computing resources, and resources which consider issues relating to a combination of the three. It is maintained by Brian O'Connell (

Ethics on the World Wide Web

This site, maintained by Paul Martin Lester (, links to resources in the following areas: courses in ethics, mailing lists, associations, business ethics, legal ethics, science ethics, media ethics, sports ethics, ethics in TV and movies, and more.

Ethics Resources on the Net

This page provides links to ethics resources including journals, newsletters, teaching resources, ethics institutes and general ethics links. The site is maintained by and

Ethics Updates

This is a site primarily intended for those teaching ethics courses, and for students of ethics. It is divided into three sections - ethical theory, issues in applied ethics, and additional resources. It offers numerous resources including bibliographical essays, summaries of recent articles, links to online texts in ethics, and links to discussion groups and other ethics-related resources. Additions to the site should be mailed to its author, Lawrence Hinman (


Euroethics is a European database on medical ethics, ethics in health professions and in health care 'to provide means to facilitate a professionally-organised exchange of information across the borders of individual European countries, the realization of a European consensus (e.g. Bioethics Convention of the Council of Europe), and the comparison and analysis of different ethical viewpoints and standards between European countries. The database is maintained in English, German, Dutch and French by Ute Elsner and Ute Meinecke (


An impressive collection of resources from around the world on euthanasia is provided at this site, maintained by Chris Docker ( Resources include case histories, living wills, a bibliography, mailing lists and magazines, and links to related sites.

Gaia's Friends

This is the site of the Ethics Information Center, providing information on ethically-sound goods and services, as well as links to a library of applied ethics resources and the Center's own online discussion group. The site is maintained by

Genetics and Ethics

Maintained by Bryn Williams-Jones (, this site provides extensive resources on genetics and ethics with sections on Human Genome Project/ELSI, Public Action Groups, Journals and EJournals, Professors Studying Genetics & Ethics, Discussion Groups, Genetics & the Law, Biotechnology/Biodiversity Resources, News and Bulletins, Miscellaneous and General Philosophy Resources

Hedonist's HomePage

This page provides an overview and discussion of neoepicurean hedonism, and a link to an online chat with others logged into the page. A java-capable browser is required to participate in the live chat. Maintained by Garrett Gecewicz (

The Hedonistic Imperative

In the Hedonistic Imperative, David Pearce ( outlines an ambitious, wildly implausible but technically feasible long-term species project to abolish the biological substrates of aversive experience in organic life forms.

Information Ethics

From Luciano Floridi (, this site provides a short webliography on computer ethics, information on research in recent years in the fields of philosophy and computing, a reading list on the philosophy of computer ethics, and a paper by Dr Floridi titled 'Information Ethics: On the Philosophical Foundation of Computer Ethics'.

Institute for Business and Professional Ethics

The Institute for Business & Professional Ethics was established in 1985 by a joint effort of the Colleges of Liberal Arts and Sciences and Commerce at DePaul University. The Institute is one of the first ethics-related resources to pioneer a hypertext linked ethics network throughout the Internet. The Mission of the Institute is to foster ethical behavior. This site provides information about the activities and programs of the Institute, as well as links to a range of ethics-related resources. It is maintained by S. Walton (

Institute for Global Ethics

The Institute for Global Ethics ( is an independent, non-sectarian, and non-political organisation dedicated to elevating public awareness and promoting the discussion of ethics in a global context. This non-profit think tank is an international, membership-based organisation focusing on ethical activities for corporations, educators, professionals, and communities. This site provides information on the Institute's mission, activities, and products. It also presents a monthly dilemma and calls for participation in solving it. Results are then published in the following month

Institute for the Study of Applied and Professional Ethics

This site, maintained by Barbara J. Hillinger (, provides information on the activities of the institute which is located at Dartmouth College.

International Business Ethics Forum

This site was put together from resources gathered by MBA students at the Joseph M Katz Graduate School of Business at the University of Pittsburgh. It contains information pertaining to the business ethics climate in a number of countries in every region of the world.

KPMG Business Ethics

Accounting Firm KPMG Peat Marwick provide this site which presents an archive of 'interactive ethical dilemmas' in the business environment, plus access to archives of the KPMG Business Ethics Institute's newsletter 'Integrity'.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory's ELSI Project

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory's Ethical, Legal and Social Issues in Science program is a pilot project designed to stimulate discussions on the implications of selected areas of scientific research. Aimed at high school students, the project makes materials available to assist educators in designing programs for students to explore social, legal and ethical issues in science.

Maclean Center for Clinical Medical Ethics

The MacLean Center for Clinical Medical Ethics at the University of Chicago consists of an interdisciplinary group of professionals who study and teach about practical ethical concerns confronting patients and health professionals. The Center's core faculty of physicians, nurses, legal scholars, philosophers, and social scientists, direct medical ethics education at the University of Chicago, and provide ethics consultation to the University of Chicago Hospitals, area hospitals, and the media. This site provides information on the activities of the Center, as well as links to a vast range of online bioethics-related resources. The site is maintained by

Medical College of Wisconsin, Bioethics Online Service

This site, maintained by Arthur Derse, M.D. (, provides access to bioethics bulletins, texts, news alerts, and a bioethics database.

MedWeb: Bioethics

This site provides extensive links to bioethics-related information on the net. MedWeb links are maintained by Steve Foote, Andy Kogelnik, and Bill Davis.

The Poynter Center

The Poynter Center for the Study of Ethics and American Institutions is an endowed center at Indiana University, charged with fostering the examination and discussion of ethical issues in American society. This site, maintained by Kenneth D. Pimple (, provides information on the activities of the Center.

San Francisco Epicureans

This site, maintained by Jeff Diehl (, provides information on Epicureanism and the San Francisco Epicureans, a private, non-academic cultural organization in the San Francisco Bay Area, founded for the sake of discussing the philosophy of the Ancient Greek Epicurus, and how his philosophic insights apply to modern living.

Society for Bioethics & Classical Philosophy

The society is interested in facilitating and promoting the study of bioethics informed by classical philosophy, and the cross-fertilisation of ideas that results from the interchange of these two areas. This site provides information on the aims and activities of the society, and is maintained by Mark Kuczewski (

Society for Ethics

Established in 1995, The Society for Ethics (SE) serves the purpose of promoting philosophical research in ethics, broadly construed, including areas such as (but not limited to) ethical theory, moral, social and political philosophy, as well as areas of applied ethics such as (but not limited to) legal, business and medical ethics. The Society's page is maintained by J. Angelo Corlett (

Values, Ethics and Justice Specialty Group

Practical and theoretical questions of values, ethics, and justice arise across the spectrum of geographical research, and are central to the professional conduct of geographers. The Values, Ethics, and Justice Specialty Group of the Association of American Geographers exists to further inquiry in normative issues of relevance to geography. This page provides information on the activities of the group, plus links to relevant resources. The site is maintained by Jim Proctor (

Wharton Ethics Program

This site, maintained by Anita Zelinski (, provides access to descriptions and syllabi for Wharton's business ethics courses, including a range of hypothetical ethics dilemmas for consideration, and links to ethics-related resources.

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