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Fall 2012
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Professor Andreas Teuber
Prof. Teuber




Model Citizens & Pro-Democracy Activists


What Does It Mean To Be a Citizen?



The Conventions and Convention Coverage



Democracy and Globalization


Key Political Concepts and Fundamental Values


The New Democracy Forum

The New Democracy Forum Two

Democracy Links

Campaign 2012


Public Education


Democracy and the War on Terrorism

Why Study Philosophy?


Philosophy: "The Ultimate Transferable Skill"


Philosophy-in-General Handouts


Search Engines in Philosophy


Encyclopedias, Dictionaries and Guides of Philosophy


Online Papers and E-Texts Philosophy


Philosophy Goes to the Movies

  • Philosophical Issues in BLADE RUNNER (Pryor)
  • "Towards a Holistic Definition of the Self and Blade Runner"
  • BLADE RUNNER: Original Screenplay
  • BLADE RUNNER: 2019 Off-World Web Page
  • BLADE RUNNER: In the News Page
  • Philosophical Issues in TWELVE MONKEYS (Pryor)
  • "Meta-Film:: Does Anyone Really Know What Time It Is?"
  • The Philip Dick Short Story
  • Official Philip Dick Website
  • LACUNA, INC. (Sign up today)
  • MOMENTO: The Unofficial Chris Nolan Website
  • Stanley Cavell: A Philosophy of Film


    Guides to Reading and Writing Philosophy


    Reading and Writing for the Course




    Top Ph.D Programs in Philosophy


    Philosophy Blogs

    • The Stone - - features the writing of contemporary philosophers on issues both timely and timeless.
    • Aporia - - A blog devoted to skepticism.
    • Buffalo Philosophy Blog - - A group blog by graduate students of the State University of New York, University at Buffalo dedicated to issues in metaphysics, philosophy of science, philosophy of language, ethics and epistemology..
    • Certain Doubts - - Devoted to matters epistemological.
    • Epistemic Value - - A blog devoted to epistemological issues run by Duncan Pritchard out of the University of Edinburgh.
    • Ethics Etc. - - Discussing contemporary philosophical issues in ethics and related areas.
    • Metaphysical Values - - A blog on the nature of things, created by the Centre for Metaphysics and Mind, Leeds, UK.
    • PEA Soup - - A blog dedicated to philosophy, ethics, and the academy.
    • Philosophy of Information - - News and comments on the philosophy of computing and information, the philosophy of technology, information technology, computer ethics and information ethics.
    • Practical Ethics - - Ethical Perspectives on the News.
    • Seeing Things - - A blog devoted to philosophy, phenomenology, and cognitive neuroscience of perception created by Sean Kelly.


    Podcasts from Philosophy Bites

    Nigel Warburton (author of Philosophy: The Basics) and David
    Edmonds (co-author of Wittgenstein's Poker) interview philosophers
    on a host of philosophical topics in short fifteen minute segments.


    Philosophers Talk About Philosophy and Philosophers


    More Conversations with Philosophers


    Puzzles, Paradoxes and Illusions


    Philosophical Humor


    Philosophy Songs