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New Coexistence Initiative

We're pleased to announce the inception of a three-year initiative in the field of Intercommunal Coexistence, to begin formally this July. This initiative is made possible by a generous grant from The Alan B. Slifka Foundation. This initiative will be housed at the International Center for Ethics, Justice and Public Life.

The new program is the result of the planning process undertaken last year, which culminated in the April 1998 "Proposal for a Program in Intercommunal Coexistence for Brandeis University." The proposal was based on extensive consultation with members of the Brandeis faculty and leading scholars and practitioners in the field. The proposal calls for three inter-related strands: an undergraduate component, a master's program, and an outreach component.

Although we are not yet in a position to launch a new master's program, the funding we have received will support several key elements of the plan we developed. The new initiative will focus on engaging the faculty in articulating a Brandeis approach to intercommunal coexistence; the development of undergraduate courses; the design and evaluation of undergraduate co-curricular activities; and publications. Throughout the three years for which we have received support we will continue to strengthen our capacity to launch a master's program in intercommunal coexistence for experienced professionals.

We are also pleased to announce that Dr. Cynthia E. Cohen will continue her work on this initiative as Coexistence Program Director. Since completing the proposal, she has been directing "Ethical Dilemmas of Post-Conflict Reconciliation in Transnational Perspective," a United States Institute of Peace-funded research project. She has also been working on coexistence-related programs at the Ethics Center. Cindy has proved to be an invaluable member of the Ethics Center staff, and we are delighted that she will continue in this capacity to further this important work at the University.

The initiative in Intercommunal Coexistence will be housed at the Ethics Center, but will seek to engage the entire Brandeis campus community in intellectual inquiry and co-curricular activities. It is intended to position Brandeis as an academic leader in the emerging field of coexistence. Watch this website in the next few weeks to find a chart detailing the goals, activities and outcomes that will give shape to our work for the next three years. As we begin to refine and implement these plans, we welcome your ideas and comments.

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