Bjorn's Guide to Philosophy

This site is maintained by Bjorn Christensson (, and is a well-designed guide with links to a range of philosophy resources. The subsections of the guide include: philosophers, journals, departments, library, and other links.

Blackwell Publishers' Guide to Online Philosophy Resources

Blackwell's guide contains a range of links to philosophy resources, divided into a number of categories including: Philosophy Departments, Conferences, Jobs, Reading List, Electronic Texts, Journals, Bibliographies, and specialist subject areas.

Chris's Philosophy Page

With a focus on US-related information, and on philosophical thinkers, this small but useful guide to philosophy is maintained by Chris Furlong (

Episteme Links

Episteme Links is a new guide, maintained by Tom Stone ( and promising to be quite comprehensive. The feature unique to this site is its link to the bookstore, offering a range of philosophy titles for purchase online.


This site is maintained by Roger B. Jones ( and has links to science, mathematics, logic and general philosophy resources, including a glossary of philosophical terms.

Galaxy: Philosophy

This philosophy resource is part of a range of subject-oriented resources from Galaxy ( The philosophy page includes links to resources in aesthetics, epistemology, ethics, logic, and metaphysics. It also provides access to a range of philosophy directories, academic organisations, and electronic journals.

Giacobazzi's Philosophy Links

Another guide to philosophy resources, broken into three sections: 'general philosophy links', 'philosophers', and 'branches and fields'. It is maintained by Frederic Giacobazzi (

Guide to Philosophy on the Internet

Compiled by Peter Suber (, this extensive guide provides links to philosophy resources compiled into the following sections: General Guides to Philosophy; Philosophers and Philosophies; Philosophical Topics; Philosophy Associations and Societies; Philosophy Journals; Philosophy Teaching Resources; Philosophy Etexts; Philosophy Bibliographies; Philosophy Mailing Lists; Philosophy Newsgroups; Philosophy Projects; Philosophy Preprints; Philosophy Jobs; and Philosophy Miscellany. Peter attempts to steer users in the direction of the better resources available by red-starring those sites he feels are more worthwhile.

Hopkins Philosophy Pages

This site is maintained by Dennis Des Chene (, and provides links to philosophical organisations, electronic texts, electronic journals, information on philosophy publishers, and resources compiled by subject area (ethics, aesthetics, logic, and so on).

Humanities Hub - Philosophy and Philosophers bin/sitedb.cgi?search1=
philosophy&url= mp;list=hub.hub.html

This site, part of a larger humanities resource index, links to all the main philosophy guides, and a database of researchers in the field of philosophy. It is maintained at Griffith University by Anita Greenhill ( and Gordon Fletcher (

HUMBUL Gateway

From the HUMBUL Gateway you can access pages providing extensive links to resources for philosophy, religious studies, and classics. The site is maintained by Chris Stephens (

Index of Philosophy Resources on the Internet

This site provides an alphabetically-arranged index to a range of philosophy-related resources. It is maintained by Ken Yasenchuk (

Infinite Ink's Philosophy Page

Compiled by Nancy McGough (, this page specialises in philosophy of science, mathematics and religion, while also providing more general links.

Internet Services for Philosophers

This site provides a compilation of resources and information of particular use to philosophers new to the net. Maintained by Arno Wouters (, access is provided to mailing lists, newsgroups, FAQs, information on Thinknet and the Spoon Collective, electronic texts, and more. From this site, a link to Arno's Philosophy on the Web (see description below), can also be accessed.

LSU Libraries Webliography: Philosophy

Compiled by Stephen Harris (, as part of a larger subject-oriented guide, this site provides links to philosophy resources guides, journals, bibliographies, mailing lists, philosophy organisations, and texts.

My Virtual Encyclopedia: Philosophy and Religion

This site, part of a larger subject-oriented guide maintained by Bob Drudge (, provides a listing of philosophy resources sorted into alphabetical order.

Net Resources in Philosophy

Located at the University of Vienna, this site provides links to canonical philosophers' works and discussions, online bookstores, philosophy-related projects, research and teaching departments, journals, philosophical events, and usenet newsgroups.

One Window to Philosophy

A comprehensive guide to philosophy grouping resources into these sections: journals; papers and works; departments; contemporary philosophy; past philosophies; research projects; philosophers; online bookstores; and lists and newsgroups. The guide, compiled by Sandro Reis (, is also available in Portugese.

Paul Wong's Home Page

This page from Paul Wong (, provides extensive links to logic and related resources, as well as more general philosophy links. The page can also be found at


This site, from Uwe Wiedemann (, provides links to a range of philosophy resources, including a small German philosophy lexicon.

Philosophy and Theory

From J. Purcell (, this site provides links to general information on philosophy as well as to sites on specific philosophers.

Philosophy Around the Web

This site provides links to a wide range of resources divided into various categories: departmental pages, institutions and commercial organisations, journals, individual philosophers, discussion, events, philosophers with web pages, philosophy jobs, and papers by the site's maintainer, Peter King (

Philosophy at Large

This extensive resource guide is compiled by Stephen Clark ( of the University of Liverpool. It provides links to mailing lists, newsgroups, bibliographies, electronic texts, electronic journals, electronic classes and teaching tools, and other directories of philosophical resources. A French version of the site is now available at , maintained by Josette Lanteigne (

Philosophy Collections Page

This site was formerly known as Blake's Internet Guide to Philosophy. Compiled by Blake Landor (, it is now part of the University of Florida's subject-oriented guides.

Philosophy/Ethics/Religious Studies e.html

Maintained by K. Nagasaki (, this site provides links to philosophy of religion, ethics, and general resources from sites located in Japan. A Japanese-language version of the site is available from the main page.

Philosophy for Everyone

This is a small, annotated guide to some of the better philosophical resources online, and is maintained by Ryan Breedon (

Philosophy Guide at Chinese University of Hong Kong

This extensive guide provides links to Chinese philosophy resources, philosophy department pages, other philosophy resource guides, artificial Intelligence and fuzzy logic resources, mailing lists, and a broad range of religious studies resources including Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam. The maintainers of the page can be contacted at

Philosophy: Hall of Minerva

This is a collection of links to a variety of philosophy resources, with a growing section on individual philosophers. The site is maintained by Shino and Ian Jordan (

Philosophy Links

This site provides links to a range of philosophy resources divided into four main categories: Ancient Greek, Ancient Roman, Medieval, and Modern Philosophy. It is maintained by SOLI, the System of Life Institute, who can be contacted at

Philosophy Sites on the Internet

This page houses a nicely-organised list of links maintained at the philosophy department at Tel Aviv University.

Philosophy on the Web sites.html

This site is maintained by Arno Wouters (, and contains links to a wide range of web-based philosophy resources in subject groupings such as: Directories, Bibliographies, Departments, E-journals, E-texts, FAQ's, Gophers, Journals and Societies, Philosophy in the Netherlands, Preprints and working papers, Projects, Publishers, Regional Servers, and Software.

Philosophy Sources on the Internet

Maintained by Fiona Steinkamp ( ), this site provides links to philosophy resources divided into the following categories: departments, journals, texts, jobs & software, German language links, mailing lists, 'just for fun', and general sources.

Polyhymnia's List of Philosophy Resources

This site provides access to an extensive list of mailing lists, electronic texts, resources in philosophy, science and technology, links to sites on individual philosophers, and a list of other online guides. It is compiled by David Horacek (

Portmore's Annotated Guide to Philosophy on the Internet

A richly annotated and select guide to the premium philosophy resources on the internet, compiled by Doug Portmore (

Public Sphere Philosophical Resource Centre

This is a new (October 1997) site, from Paul Ashton (, which aims to provide links to philosophy-related resources grouped into six areas: philosophers & philosophies, electronic texts, student essays (as submitted by visitors to the site), student resources, essays, and general links.

Religion and Philosophy Gopher, Rice University

This gopher provides access to a wide range of religion and philosophy resources, including mailing lists, electronic texts, Christian, Jewish and Buddhist resources, electronic and print journals.

Resources for Philosophers

Compiled by A.D. Irvine (, this page provides a comprehensive list of links to a range of general philosophy resources as well as links to materials on AI, computability and mathematics.

Resources in Philosophy and Women's Studies

This guide to resources in both philosophy and women studies provides a range of links in the following categories: philosophy in general; academic philosophy; philosophical topics; conferences; women on the web; women's studies; mindwalk; libraries; personal pages; directories and search engines. The site is Maintained by Noël Parish Hutchings (, and updated regularly.

Rutgers University Libraries Guide to Philosophy Resources

Compiled by Marc Meola ( and Michael Craven (, this site provides links to electronic texts, journals, departments, archives, online catalogues, bibliographies and other philosophy resources.

The Source: Philosophy

This page is part of a larger subject-oriented guide, and is maintained by Mary Long ( It provides links to range of philosophical resources arranged by subject including, ethics, metaphysics, aesthetics, logic, epistemology, bioethics, and cognitive and psychological sciences.

The Tanner Philosophy Library

This website of the University of Michigan's Philosophy Library provides links to philosophy resources including a range of online resource guides, electronic texts, and electronic journals. It is maintained by Sara Memmott (

The Telsun Spur: Philosophy

Part of a larger subject-oriented guide maintained by PJ Hughes (, this page provides a list of philosophy links sorted in alphabetical order, and focusing mainly on meta-links.

The Ultimate Philosophy Page

Compiled by Sean Cearley (, this page links to a vast range of resources including philosophy departments and projects, journals, guides to philosophy resources, home pages for living philosophers, and much more.

The Window: Philosophy on the Internet

The Window is maintained by Chris Marvin ( and Frank Sikernitsky (, and provides biographical information on over 50 major philosophers. It also provides links to journals, departmental pages, electronic texts, and assorted resources.

Voice of the Shuttle: Philosophy

This is part of a group of web pages for humanities research, and is compiled by Alan Liu ( The philosophy page provides access to general philosophical resources, philosophers and their works, mailing lists and newsgroups, departments and programs in philosophy, and philosophy course syllabi.

WWW Virtual Library: Philosophy

Maintained by Dan Brickley (, this page provides links to a range of philosophy resources including philosophy guides, journals, electronic texts, mailing lists, philosophy departments, philosophy sites on the net, and real-time internet talk for philosophers.


Annette's Philosophenstübchen

This is a German-language page providing searchable links to other German philosophy-related sites, and maintained by Annette Schlemm ( Some of Annette's writings are now included.

Camillo Schrimpf Pages

This is a German-language collection of resources focusing on philosophy, literature, and psychoanalysis, maintained by Camillo Schrimpf (

Centro telemático de Filosofía

This is a Spanish-language collection of philosophy resources on the net, compiled by Jesús Hernández Reynés (, and including a range of electronic texts, bibliographies, editorials, links to philosophy departments, and to other guides.

Choix de Sites Philosophiques

This guide is written in French and maintained by Patrick Peccatte ( It provides links to other guides, journals, and resources related to: astronomy, astrology, Marx & Engels, Wittgenstein, electronic texts, cognitive science, history of science and mathematics, plus some miscellaneous links.

Deutscher Philosophie-Knoten

This site provides links to a range of good-quality German-language philosophy resources.

Filosofia in Italia

This is a comprehensive Italian-language guide to philosophy resources from David Fasolo (

La Philosophie sur Internet

This site hosts a French-language guide to a range of philosophy resources online, maintained by Josette Lanteigne (lanteign@CAM.ORG).


This is a German-language guide to philosophy on the net, focusing on local resources, located at the University of Hamburg, and maintained by

Philosophie im Internet

This is a German-language guide to philosophy, compiled by Karsten Wilkens (


Primarily in German but with sufficient English to be navigable to non-German speakers, this guide to philosophy resources was compiled by Dieter Köhler (, and provides links to philosophy departments, projects, associations, journals, bibliographies, and other general resources.

Philosophy and Logic

From Uwe Wiedemann (, this site provides a German-language guide to philosophy resources, and includes a philosophical lexicon.

Philosophy at Large

This is the French version of an extensive resource guide compiled by Stephen Clark ( of the University of Liverpool. It provides links to mailing lists, newsgroups, bibliographies, electronic texts, electronic journals, electronic classes and teaching tools, and other directories of philosophical resources. The French version is maintained by Josette Lanteigne (

Philosophy/Ethics/Religious Studies NGSK/index.html

Maintained by K. Nagasaki (, this site provides links to philosophy of religion, ethics, and general resources from sites located in Japan.

Proyecto Filosofía en Español

This is a well-designed Spanish-language guide to philosophy resources. It is maintained by

This page is an edited version of the Guides to Philosophy Resources compiled and maintained at Monash University
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