The Aims and Limits of Punishment(Feb. 17th)

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  • Massaro: "Shame, Culture, and American Criminal Law," pp. 699-726.
    in Feinberg & Coleman, PHILOSOPHY OF LAW

    What, If Anything, Justifies Legal Punishment? (Feb. 19th)

  • "Would You Represent the Meanest Man in New York? pp. 117-152
    in Dershowitz, THE BEST DEFENSE
  • Marvin Frankel, Sentencing Memorandum U. S. v. Bergman (Handout)
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  • Moore: The Moral Worth of Retribution, pp. 746-769
  • Shafer-Landau: "The Failure of Retributivism," pp. 769-779
    in Feinberg & Coleman, PHILOSOPHY OF LAW

    WEEK 7

    Victims' Rights: Restitution or Revenge?(Feb 24th)

  • Mackie: "Retributivism: A Test Case for Ethical Objectivity," pp. 781-87
  • Murphy: "Getting Even: The Role of the Victim," pp. 788-799
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    in Feinberg & Coleman, PHILOSOPHY OF LAW

    The Insanity Defense(Feb.26th)

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  • Feinberg: "What Is So Special About Mental Illness?" pp. 674-682
    in Feinberg & Coleman, PHILOSOPHY OF LAW

    First papers are due on Monday, February the 24th, in class

    WEEK 8

    Midtern Recess (March 3 - March 7)

    WEEK 9

    The Death Penalty(March 10th)

  • Furman v. Georgia United States Supreme Court, 1972., pp. 817-826
  • Woodson v. North Carolina, United States Supreme Court, 1976, pp. 826-835
  • Van den Haag: "In Defense of the Death Penalty," pp. 836-841
  • Nathanson: "Should We Execute Those Who Deserve to Die?" pp. 842-850
    in Feinberg & Coleman, PHILOSOPHY OF LAW

    Paper topics for the second paper will be handed out on Thursday, March 13th at the end of class. They are due on Monday, March 24th, in class.

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