APA Directory of Women Philosophers

This site houses a database developed by the Committee on the Status of Women of the American Philosophical Association. Search online for women working in philosophy by name or specialisation.

APA Members: Email Addresses

This is a directory of members of the American Philosophical Association, sorted into alphabetical order.

APA Member Homepages

This is an alphabetical list of links to APA members' home pages.

Email Addresses of CPA Members

This is a searchable directory of email addresses of members of the Canadian Philosophical Association. It is maintained by RC Pinto (pinto@uwindsor.ca).

International Registry of Phenomenologists

This site, maintained by Embree@acc.fau.edu is a database of information on phenomenologists--living and dead--providing information about their work and publications as well as contact details for those still working in the field.

List of Philosophers Working in Australasian Universities

This site provides a listing of philosophers working in Universities in Australia and New Zealand, and provides email addresses and/or other contact details. Enquiries about the page can be directed to phiajp@lure.latrobe.edu.au.

Philosophers' Home Pages

This is Peter King's (peter.king@philosophy.ox.ac.uk) listing of philosophers' home pages. According to Peter "some of these people are professional philosophers, some are graduate students of philosophy, some undergraduates. All of them have personal web pages of some sort, of which the type of content varies tremendously". Peter adds to this page regularly, so if you're looking for someone in particular, keep checking.

Professors' & Graduate Students of Philosophy

From Tom Stone (trstone@rpa.net), this site provides links to home pages of professional philosophers and graduate students of philosophy.

Real-Life Philosophers

This is an alphabetical index of people working in or studying philosophy who have homepages on the web. It is maintained by Sean Cearley (cearley@matrix-media.com).

Theistic Philosophers on the Web

This site, maintained by Richard Davis (davis@chass.utoronto.ca), provides a list of individuals who classify themselves as both philosophers and theists. They are working in such diverse areas as metaphysics, epistemology, logic, action theory, ethics, aesthetics, philosophy of language, philosophy of logic, philosophy of science, philosophy of religion, philosophical theology, existentialism, phenomenology, political philosophy, and the history of philosophy.

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