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Comic Relief

The humor on this site includes Philosophy Lightbulb Jokes, Weightless Philosophy, Husserl's Seventh Cartesian Meditation, Make Tenure Fast, Monolithic Biavicide, the Teleology of Chicken and the Road, and reader submissions. It is maintained by Glen Miller (

Jean-Paul Sartre Cookbook cookbook.html

"We have been lucky to discover several previously lost diaries of French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre stuck in between the cushions of our office sofa. These diaries reveal a young Sartre obsessed not with the void, but with food. Apparently Sartre, before discovering philosophy, had hoped to write 'a cookbook that will put to rest all notions of flavor forever.' The diaries are excerpted here for your perusal."

A Non-Philosophers' Guide to Philosophical Terms

A humorous guide to philosophical terms, from Henry Fitzgerald.

Philosopher Jokes

Maintained by Howard Pospesel (, this page presents 'Top 10 Things Not to Say at an APA Job Interview', 'Causes of Death for Some of the Great Philosophers', and more.

Philosophical Kisses

Do you know what an Aristotelian kiss is? How about a Wittgensteinian or Nietzscheian kiss? Don't miss this complete guide to philosophical kisses, from Trygve Lode (

The Philosophical Lexicon

Edited by Daniel Dennett, the philosophical lexicon is a tongue-in-cheek guide to philosophy-speak, containing over 150 terms devised by those who've spent way too much time pondering philosophy.

Philosophy Comix

From Larry Hauser (, this site is a collection of scanned comic strips with philosophical content from a variety of sources: Dilbert, Doonesbury, Calvin & Hobbes, and many more.

Philosophy Humor

This page, from Tom Stone (, presents an assortment of philosophical laughs collected from around the web. Choose from: Proofs that P, More Proofs that P, Monty Python's Philosophers' Song, Why did the Chicken Cross the Road?, Causes of Death, Non-Philosopher's Guide to Philosophical Terms, No One Ever Wants to Play Golf with a Philosopher, and more.

Philosophy Light Bulb Jokes

Ever wondered how many cultural constructivists does it take to change a light bulb? Or how many Kantians or creation scientists it takes? Glenn Miller ( provides all the answers!

Philosophy Songs

This page, maintained by V. Alan White (, provides the lyrics to philosophy songs he has written: Solipsism's Painless, We Didn't Start Inquiry, Poppycock, Readin' Kripke, Reichenbach's Methods, Hume on the Brain, This PHD, and Antinomy.

Postmodern Essay Generator bin/postmodern

The Postmodern Essay Generator was written by Andrew C. Bulhak, and generates a new and meaningless essay with each click of the button.

Religious & Philosophical Humor

Maintained by as part of a larger humor site, this page provides a load of laughs including 'Christianity for Dummies', 'Confucian Jokes', and 'Top 10 Philosophical Questions Answered'.

Student Howlers

From Peter King (, this page houses a collection of howlers from students in philosophy as collected by Peter and submitted by others.

Valdosta Philosophy Humor

This gopher site at Valdosta University houses some philosophy-related humor from Monty Python, including Bruce's Philosophy Song, the Argument Clinic, and the Meaning of Life.

The View From the Clouds: Philosophical Humor

Featuring 'Top 10 reasons for majoring in philosophy ', 'Contemporary Football Philosophies', 'An Insurance Policy for Philosophers' and 'International Society of Solipsists', this site is from the University of Mississippi philosophy graduate students.

This page is an edited version of the Humor Resources compiled and maintained at Monash University
by Dey Alexander. Please direct comments and suggestions to Dey Alexander @ The Emerald Elephant..

November 30, 1998

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