Michel Foucault puzzles about some of these questions in his little book This Is Not A Pipe which also contains an exhange of letters between Foucault and Magritte as well as some more Magritte paintings. You may find Foucault's book helpful. Does Foucault help to reveal or obscure what Magritte is up to? What do you think?

Choose at least one of these texts, Gombrich, Danto, Goodman, or Foucault and set it against the Magritte and ask yourself in what ways either might illuminate or obscure the other.

Finally, what are we to make of the painting on the page following Magritte's Ceci n'est pas une pipe ? Is it a painting of the same subject? What does it represent? What is it a painting of?

You may wish to make use of a short essay written by Magritte in 1929 which he called, simpy enough, Les Mots et Les Images ("Words and Images"), handed out in class on Tuesday with the Paper Topic and available in the Philosophy Department Main Office (rabb 305). Ceci n'est pas une pipe was painted in 1926. The other painting was painted in 1966; Magritte called it Les Deux Mysteres .

Papers are due on Monday, May 10th by 9:00 AM for Seniors and by 4:30 PM on Monday, May 10th, Tuesday May 11th, Wednesday, May 12th, or by Noon on Thursday, May 13th for everyone else. All final papers should be handed in to the Philosophy Department Main Office, Rabb 305.

Good luck!


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