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Fall 2003
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Professor Andreas Teuber
Prof. Teuber

Religion as a "Form of Life":

1. Beliefs are supposed to be true: ("You can't say I believe in fairies, but I don't think it is true that fairies exist.")

2. But religion is not obviously a matter of truth.

3. Should religious states of mind be assessed in terms other than truth?

4. What might those terms be?

5. Perhaps religion is not a matter of belief and religious states of mind are not beliefs.

6. The practice of a religion seems to involve something more than mere metaphysical theorizing on the existence of God, focusing instead on how we live.

7. In such practices as prayer the primary concern would appear to be a focusing of the mind of the believer and not a question of whether someone (anyone) is in fact listening. What is important then is how prayer is used and how it helps and metaphysical concerns are "latent and marginal."

8. Might this view of religion be coherent or is it in danger of rendering religious practice confusing and unintelligible?



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