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Fall 2003
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Philosophy 1A

Introduction to Philosophy

Professor Andreas Teuber
Prof. Teuber

FALL 2003

Discussion Sessions and Section

Discussion Sessions will meet starting in the thrid week of the Fall Semester. Discussion Sessions are highly recommended, but not required. Sessions are optional.

There are now five sections in the course, broken down alphabetically. Sections are created for convenience and for grading purposes. One Teaching Assistant has been assigned to each of the five sections. Click on your section number below to find out the name of your T. A. and the names of others who are assigned to your section. You should feel free to contact your T. A at. any anytime and to arrange to meet with him or her to go over questions you may have about an assigment or about the reading or to seek out help in making an argument in one or another of your papers.

If you would like to switch sections, efforts will be made to try to accommodate your request. Please contact Professor Teuber at <> if "a chamge" is on your mind. A change, however, may not be able to be made in each and every case.

Once a paper topic is handed out, we will schedule several discussion sessions at various times. You should feel free to attend any of these sessions, quite apart from the fact that the T.A. to whom you have been assigned is leading the session. Again, Discussion Sessions are NOT required and are held entirely for your benefit. You should feel free to make use of the sessions as the need arises and whenever you would like to explore a particular philosophical matter or question in greater depth. So, too, the sessions may be especially helpful just before a paper is due. Sessions provide a further opportunity to talk about strategies and pitfalls of tackling the paper topics.

The course meets on Tuesdays and Fridays from 10:40 PM to Noon, in OLIN-SANG Room 101. A detailed account of the COURSE REQUIREMENTS is ONLINE. ONLINE.

Syllabus Handouts and Lecture Notes
Section Times Class Discussion

Contact Info

The course is taught by ANDREAS TEUBER. You may wish to take a look at the SHORT BIOGRAPHY and the CV which are online to glean some idea of who the instructor is. During the Fall semester you can reach Prof. Teuber as follows:

Office: Rabb 306
Office hours: Tuesdays and Fridays 3:00-4:15 PM
and by appointment. Office Phone: 736-2787
Email: <>

Feel free to drop in for any reason any time during my office hours. (If I'm already speaking with someone, let me know that you're waiting.) I am happy to talk about paper ideas, continue class discussion, and so on. If these hours are inconvenient, we can arrange to meet by appointment. Or you can email me. I read my email several times each day and usually respond right away.

The teaching fellows for the course are
Dan Breen - Email: <>
Benjamin B. Bolger.- Email: < > and
Dianne White .- Email: < .

See your Section Number for the name of the teaching assistant to whom you have been assigned.


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