APSA: Foundations of Political Theory Section

This is the homepage of the Political Theory Section of the American Political Science Association, which exists to advance the linkage of political theory and philosophy with political science as a discipline. Information on the activities of the organisation, its newsletter, recent publications in political theory, and links to relevant online information are provided.

Anarchist Archive

This site, maintained by Dana Ward (dward@pitzer.edu), provides information on key anarchist thinkers - including Chomsky, Godwin, Stirner, Bakunin and others, as well as on anarchist movements and history.

Anarchists & Left Libertarians

This page provides information on left libertarian and anarchist thinkers, "all individuals who have distinguished themselves in the past and present by opposing various forms of coercion, authority and injustice, political and economic, in true libertarian tradition". It is maintained by Jamal Hannah (jah@iww.org).

Communitarianism Open Site

This site, maintained by joyce@unive.it provides a range of communitarian resources, including an overview and introduction to communitarian movements, books and articles, links to related resources, and a diary of events. A mirror of the site is available at: http://www.gmt.it/pages/communitarianism/

DIANA: International Human Rights Database

This site houses extensive human rights information including links to sites for legal research, links to documents, conventions, reports, bibliographies, and more. It is maintained by Anne Johnstone (annej@istar.ca).

John Elster Page

This page, maintained by Hans O. Melberg (hansom@online.no), is intended as a resource for people who are interested in the social sciences in general and the works of Jon Elster in particular. Elster has written extensively on rationality, social choice, Marxism, constitutionalism and democracy and other areas in social science. The site contains a large database which contains a list of Elster's books (including table of contents, covertexts and prefaces), a list of his articles, a list of reviews and a general index of terms mentioned in his works. A database containing the full text of the articles mentioned is also being created.

Engaged Buddhist ~ Dharma: Human Rights

This page, from Lesslie (engaged@maui.net), brings together an enormous range of human rights-related resources, including links to human rights news, human rights organisations, and more.


A website with a magazine approach, freemarket.com pronounces itself to be the "starting point for liberty on the internet". It lists a host of libertarian links, provides access to libertarian electronic texts, has a directory of libertarian organisations, provides regular reviews of websites, and more. The site is maintained by Chris Whitten (chris@free-market.com ).

History of Economic Thought

This site provides an overview of thinkers in the history of economic thought, including: Marx, Mill, Godwin, Locke, Rousseau, and more. It is maintained by Rod Hay (hay@sscl.uwo.ca), and mirrored at http://melbecon.unimelb.edu.au/het/ and also at http://www.ecn.bris.ac.uk/het/index.htm

History of Economics Internet Resources

This site, from Bert Mosselmans (bmosselm@vnet3.vub.ac.be), includes an extensive range of links to resources relating to the history of economics, political economy, and related fields. Resources are grouped into the following areas: general references, classical political economy, Marxism, neoclassical economics, Keynesianism, specific topics, organisations, forthcoming conferences, and interdisciplinary issues.

Human Rights Internet

HRI is an international NGO, publishing house and documentation centre. Its website aims to become an online resource, information and documentation centre for human rights actors and organisations, as well as interested individuals, around the world, and is maintained by Tanja M. Kisslinger (tmkiss@cognita.com).

Human Rights Resources on the Internet

This site is a project of the AAAS Science & Human Rights Program. It features a range of human rights-related materials in a searchable database, and has recently expanded to include electronic texts, a human rights bulletin board, and tools for using the net. The site is maintained by Stephen Hanson (shansen@aaas.org).

Human Rights Web

This site provides information about human rights, groups which promote human rights, and related issues. It provides a forms-based searchable database of human rights news and press release articles; a searchable database of human rights publications; and a searchable database of human rights organisations addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, and email addresses. The site is maintained by Catherine Hampton (ariel@best.com).


From this site you can access extensive resources relating to hunger, famine, and poverty, including: United Nations documents; United States government documents, speeches, and quotations; basic definitions of hunger and related terms; the economics of hunger and poverty; facts on hunger and poverty; information on the crisis in Rwanda. The site is maintained by Peter Uvin (peter_uvin@brown.edu).

Institute for First Amendment Studies

The Institute for First Amendment Studies is a non-profit educational and research organisation focusing on the activities of the Religious Right. Whether your interest is in reproductive rights, gay rights, censorship, education, law, politics, religion, televangelists, church/state issues — you'll find information on the topic here. IFAS can be contacted at ifas@berkshire.net

International Affairs Resources (IANWeb)

This is a comprehensive guide to the worldwide network-accessible resources available to scholars in the study of international affairs. IANWeb provides scholars, students, and professionals in international affairs with one-stop access to all resources, contacts, and other information relevant to international affairs and available on the internet. IANWeb maintains subject-specific resource pages containing links pertaining to: international political economy, foreign policy, international security, peace and conflict resolution, economic development, international law, teaching and curriculum development, career resources, grant opportunities, and much more. The site is maintained by Wolfgang Schlör (ianadmn+@pitt.edu).

International Economics and Philosophy Society

This site, maintained by Paul Murray (pmurray@lingua.cltr.uq.oz.au) provides information on the IEPS and links to philosophy and economics resources.

A Liberty Library

This site, maintained by Bob Bickford (rab@well.com), is a collection of information relevant to and about libertarians and libertarianism.

Marx/Engels Archive

This site, maintained by Ken Campbell (kcampbel@colorado.edu), provides links to electronic texts as well as a photo gallery and biographical information on Marx and Engels.

Online Discussion Board for Social and Political Thought
http://thor.prohosting.com/~duyuan/cgi- bin/mac_bbs/bbs_top.htm

This is a web-based discussion forum for social and political thought, hosted by Du Yuan (duyuan@geocities.com), whose field of interest is normative political theory, but other philosophical topics are also welcome.


This is a comprehensive site, part of the Institute for Global Communications (http://www.igc.apc.org/), providing information for those interested in working for positive social change in the areas of peace, social and economic justice, human rights and the struggle against racism. The site is maintained by webweaver@igc.org.

Philosophy: A History of Ideas

This page, intended for upper secondary level students of political philosophy, provides links to a range of resources in political philosophy. It is maintained by nilslg@saltdal.vgs.no

Philosophy and Civil Society

Liberal democratic civil societies require the support of a special form of culture - civic culture. This site is devoted to the philosophical examination of the nature of civil society and civic culture in general and addresses specifically the contemporary crisis of liberal democratic civic culture in the postmodern era. Maintained by Tom Bridges (bridges@civsoc.com), the site provides essays and information on several topics including "civic culture - what it is", "civic culture and modern philosophy", the postmodern reconstruction of civic culture", "the postmodern reconstruction of philosophy". It provides book reviews, articles and links to web sites relevant to these topics.

Political Economy Web

This page, maintained by Peter Bohmer (bohmerp@elwha.evergreen.edu), provides access to a range of links leading to information relevant to the interdisciplinary study of political economy.

Political Participation Project

The Political Participation Project is a research effort at the MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab exploring how interactive media can be used to facilitate political participation. The PPP directs an electronic mailing list for those interested in exploring the role of interactive media as a catalyst for political participation. The Project is a research element in the doctoral thesis of Mark S. Bonchek (bonchek@ai.mit.edu), who is now in the process of writing up. Some parts of the thesis are accessible online.

Political Philosophy

This site, created by Maria Chiara Pievatolo (pievatolo@dsp.unipi.it), provides a comprehensive index to a range of resources in political philosophy, including journals, events, online papers, and a 'small companion to cyberspace' which groups resources into historical periods and areas of enquiry.

Political Philosophy/Political Theory

From I. Laponce (ilaponce@unixg.ubc.ca) for the University of British Columbia's online library service, this site provides links to a wide range of materials in political philosophy and political theory.

Political Science Links

From St. Martin's Press, this site hosts a collection of links to political science resources, including a page of political theory links.

Political Science Manuscripts

PSM is a project to distribute political science scholarship online. The page, created by William Ball (ball@trenton.edu), features a collection of abstracts of manuscripts, with links back to the manuscripts themselves which can be accessed through an online search feature.

PROceedings: Political Research Online

Political Research Online (PROceedings) offers selected papers from the 1997 Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association. These papers will be available online until August, 1998. The PROceedings project is currently in a demonstration of concept phase. A full collection of papers is planned for future conferences. The website is maintained by William J. Ball (ball@tcnj.edu).

A Select Bibliography of Women's Rights

Compiled by Rebecca Cook and Valerie Oosterveld, this site is part of the DIANA human rights database (http://www.law-lib.utoronto.ca/diana/), and provides an extensive bibliography on human rights and women's issues. This page is maintained on behalf of the authors, by Tracey Pegg (tracey.pegg@utoronto.ca).

Systematic Study of Human Rights

This page is the sister-page to the mailing list HRS-L. It seeks to serve the human rights research community in a variety of ways, mainly by enabling scholars to help themselves. Acting as a depository for data, research papers, conference announcements and other information, SSHR wishes to broaden the scope and hone the technique of systematic studies of human rights by increasing contact amongst the scholarly community, enabling replication of research, and by helping to provide notice of new research, methodology, etc. The site is maintained by David Richards (bd90619@binghamton.edu).

Turn Left: the Home of Liberalism on the Web

Turn Left's site includes information of liberal ideas, FAQs, links to other sources, discussion on liberal issues, and much more. It is maintained by Mike Silverman (cubsfan@cjnetworks.com).

Ultimate Marxism Links
http://www.hongo.ecc.u-tokyo.ac.jp/~ee77030/marxism- e.html

This site provides a collection of information and links relating to the study of Marx and Marxism. Most of the site is in Japanese, and is maintained by Kosuke OKI (kosuke@grad.e.u-tokyo.ac.jp).

United Nations Human Rights Website

As part of its continous efforts to keep the world informed of its work and to encourage the active participation of all Governments, non-governmental organisations, groups and individuals, the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights/Centre for Human Rights has developed the most complete source of information available on the internet concerning United Nations action in the field of human rights. Information on all the activities of the United Nations in the field of human rights, including those relating to technical cooperation, field operations, the conventional mechanisms (treaty monitoring bodies), the extra-conventional mechanisms, complaints procedures and voluntary or trust funds can be found on this site. Enquiries about the site can be directed to webadmin.hchr@unog.ch

Western Michigan University: Political Science Resources Page

This site, maintained by Neil Pinney (neil.pinney@wmich.edu), provides an index to an extensive range of resources relevant to political science and political philosophy, including: electronic texts, journal, organisations, and more. .

WWW Virtual Library: Political Science

This site provides an index to an extensive range of resources relevant to political science, including libraries, journals, collections of papers, newsgroups and mailing lists, organisations and government agencies, and much more. It is maintained by Thomas Hartley and Chase Harrison (psweb@opinion.isi.uconn.edu).

This page is an edited version of the Political Philosophy Resources compiled and maintained at Monash University
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