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Professor Andreas Teuber

Readings and Resources

---New Links, March 5, 2001---

March 1 Congressional testimony of Marc Rotenberg

European Union Directive, Article 6

Reports from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC):

Self-Regulation and Privacy on Line: A Report to Congress (1999)

Privacy Online (1998)

Articles by Lessig and Rotenberg:

"The Architecture of Privacy" (Lessig) -pdf file

"Fair Information Practices and the Architecture of Privacy" (Rotenberg)

Drafts of Congressional Legislation (bills introduced but not passed):

Consumer Internet Privacy Protection Act of 1999 (Introduced in the House)

Online Privacy Protection Act of 1999 (Introduced in the Senate)

Privacy for Consumers and Workers Act (1993) (old, but still a possible model)

Court cases on e-mail privacy in the workplace:

Smyth v. Pillsbury Co. (U.S.Dist.Ct., E.D.Pa, 1996)

Bourke v. Nissan Motor Corp. (Cal.Ct.App., 1993)

Useful links:

Electronic Privacy Information Center

Electronic Frontier Foundation -- Privacy Page

Congressional Internet Caucus -- Privacy Overview

Professor Teuber's Privacy Page

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