Philip Gourevitch


"Hutus kill Tutsis, then Tutsis kill Hutus--if that's really all there is to it, then no wonder we can't be bothered with it," Philip Gourevitch writes, imagining the response of somebody in a country far from the ethnic strife and mass killings of Rwanda. But the situation is not so simple, and in this complex and wrenching book, he explains why the Rwandan genocide should not be written off as just another tribal dispute. The "stories" in this book's subtitle are both the author's, as he repeatedly visits this tiny country in an attempt to make sense of what has happened, and those of the people he interviews. These include a Tutsi doctor who has seen much of her family killed over decades of Tutsi oppression, a Schindleresque hotel manager who hid hundreds of refugees from certain death, and a Rwandan bishop who has been accused of supporting the slaughter of Tutsi schoolchildren, and can only answer these charges by saying, "What could I do?" Gourevitch, a staff writer for the New Yorker, describes Rwanda's history with remarkable clarity and documents the experience of tragedy with a sober grace.

"Heart of Darkness," NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW by Wole Soyinka, October 4, 1998, Late Edition - Final

Brief Biography

100 Days of Slaughter: April 6 -July 15, 1994 (Rwanda)

Interview with Gourevitch

Interview with Iqbal Riza

Interview with James Woods

Interview with Tony Marley

Interview with Colonel Luc Marchal


Who were the organizers? Who were killed? (from The Rwanda Crisis)

Rwanda and Genocide (Alain Destexhe)

Justice in Rwanda Today

January 11 Coded Cable to the U. N. . . . sent to U.N. headquarters in New York by Major General Roméo Dallaire, U.N. force commander in Rwanda. Dallaire urgently requested protection for an informant who outlined to him Hutu plans being made to exterminate Tutsis; to provoke and kill Belgian troops so as to guarantee Belgium's withdraw from Rwanda; and the location of interahamwe arm caches. Everything Dallaire's informant told him came true three months later.

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