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Fall 2011
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Philosophy 1A


Professor Andreas Teuber
Prof. Teuber

Section and Teaching Assistant Assignments

The course is broken down into two sections.

Note the name and email address of the teaching assistant assigned to you.

Your teaching assistant ("T. A.") will remain your T. A. throughout the Fall semester. T. A. duties include discussing the paper topics as well as those issues you find to be especially puzzling. Your T.A. is also available to work with you on drafts and rewrites as well conspire with you about how to improve your drafts and make them better.

Assistants will also lead a number of the discussion sessions, but here, in the case of discussion, you should feel free to attend any discussion session that fits your schedule.

Discussion Sessions are highly recommended, but not required.

The two sections break down as follows:

Section 1:

  • John Nosan
  • Office hours: Tuesdays 1:00 -2:30
  • Office: RABB 324
  • Email: <>

    • Adamia, Shota
    • Allen, Victoria
    • Andreo, Foti
    • Bartoldus, Ben T.
    • Bellavance, Danielle
    • Bernstein, Max
    • Berson, Benjamin
    • Bokobsa, Andrea
    • Brackett, Thomas
    • Bray, Greg Michael
    • Carter, Torey Shaine
    • Cheon, William
    • Diament, Rachael
    • Dressler, Danielle
    • Dreyzin, Gary
    • Foner, Kenneth
    • Gilman, Jonathan
    • Gkoulgkountina, Gina Ioanna
    • Gorcos, Sara
    • Green, Daniel
    • Halperin, Niri
    • Hazan, Frederic
    • Hillman, Molly
    • Iknaian, Carl
    • Kaplan, Dean
    • Kasko, Sky Whitman
    • Kelliher, Karen
    • Kerxhalli-Kleinfield, Joshua

    Section 2:

  • Jennifer Kessler
  • Office hours: Wednesdays: 12:30-1:30 PM
    and by appointment
  • Office: RABB 216
  • Email: < >

    • Li, Lei
    • Look, Kristie
    • Lovenheim, Benjamin
    • Luo, Sandra
    • Maser, Jeffrey
    • Megie, Hirvelt
    • Miller, Sophie
    • Nestor, Sarah
    • Nimni, Omri
    • Nolan, Melissa
    • Ossip, Adam
    • Papastavrou, Mikey
    • Park, Andrew
    • Pascual, Leila May
    • Percival, Iosefa Emile Honour
    • Quiroz, Nathasha
    • Rudy, Emily
    • Schnakenberg, Casey
    • Scott, Shakara
    • Segaloff, Kelsey
    • Smith, Zachary
    • Stubbe, Danielle
    • Tran, Viet
    • Urbach, Jessica
    • Walton, Peter
    • Zhang, Yiyi
    • Zhang, Shukai



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