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Human Rights & Conflict Resolution:
Reconciling Two Approaches to Coexistence
A Seminar Series for Members of the Brandeis Faculty and Guests: 1999-2000

The Brandeis Initiative in Intercommunal Coexistence is pleased to announce a Seminar Series on Human Rights and Conflict Resolution for 1999-2000.

Below you will find a list of the presenters along with the title, date and times of their seminars. We have created separate web pages for each of the presenters, containing a wealth of further information, including a short biography, a list of related publications and (where available), book reviews, and reading lists on the topic of the seminar. In a number of instances arrangements have been made with presenters to spend two or three days on campus, in which case several related campus-wide events have also been planned. Information about these related events may be found on the links created for each of the presenters.

We have also created pages with a short Introduction to the Theme of the entire Seminar Series as well as Bulletin Board to provide a means for participants and others to comment upon and respond to some of the complex issues raised by the series of presentations. So, too, we have created two pages of links to key Human Rights and Conflict Resolution Organizations and Websites throughout the World. Finally, please note that, through the generosity of the Alan B. Slifka Foundation, we will be able to offer grants of up to $2000 to several members of the Brandeis faculty who would like to engage in research related to questions of intercommunal coexistence. See Support for Faculty Research .

Presenter Seminar Title Date/Time Links
Dr. Martha Minow
"Between Vengeance & Forgiveness:
Reconciling Human Rights and Conflict
Resolution Approaches to Coexistence"
Sept. 22: 4-6 pm
Bio, etc.
Dr. Hizkias Assefa
"Doing Justice and Loving Mercy"
Part I: The Paradigm of Reconciliation

Part II: Forgiveness and Impunity

Nov. 17: 4-7 pm

Nov. 18: 4-7 pm

Bio, etc.
Michael Ignatieff
[Title: To Be Announced]
Jan. 24: 4-6 pm
Bio, etc.
Dr. Kevin Clements
"Conflict Transformation:
21st Century Dilemmas"
Feb 14: 4-6 pm
Bio, etc.
Dr. Uma Narayan
"Feminism, Human Rights
and Respect for Cultures:

Problems and Conflicts"
Mar. 22: 4-6 pm
Bio. etc.
Dr. Raouf Mama
"Myth is More Potent than History:
Performance and Discussion"
April 5: 4-6 pm
Bio, etc.

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