1999 ACH/ALLC CHUM issue:

Author Instructions from the Kluwer site

Invited to submit:

  1. Jerome P. McDonough and Merrilee Proffitt: The Making of America II: Towards a Standardized Architecture for the Digitization of Primary Sources (Elli will edit: reviewers?) PROMISED and RECEIVED
    Jerome P. McDonough
    Library Systems Office
    University of California at Berkeley
    Berkeley, CA 94720
    Merrilee Proffitt
    The Bancroft Library 
    Unversity of California 
    Berkeley, CA 94720-6000

  2. Karin Wenz: Patterns of Hypertext and their Impact on Reading Activities (Elli)

  3. A broadcast architecture for distributed text tools (Elli will edit; Tom Horton and David Durand will review?) PROMISED
    Steven J. DeRose
    C.M. Spergberg-McQueen
    Computer Center
    University of Illinois at Chicago
    (M/C 135) 
    1940 W. Taylor Room 124 
    Chicago, IL 60612-7352
  4. A Web-Based Digital Learning Environment for Archaeology Students (Laszlo to edit; Lorna Hughes and John Dobbins to review?) PROMISED
    Jeanne Sept
    Anthropology Department
    Indiana University
    701 North Kirkwood Ave
    Bloomington IN 47405-7100
    Martin Siegel
    Center For Excellence In Education
    Indiana University
    201 North Rose Avenue, Room 2201
    Bloomington, Indiana 47405-1006

  5. Interdisciplinary Humanities Scholars and Hybrid Information Environments (Laszlo to edit; Rich Giordano and Thorny Staples) PROMISED (conference paper version) and RECEIVED
    Carole L. Palmer
    Laura J. Neumann
    Library and Information Science
    University of Illinois
    501 E. Daniel St. 
    Champaign, Illinois 61820

  6. ACH Panel: Humanities Computing and the Rise of New Media Centers: Synergy or Disjunction? (Laszlo will edit; Matt and JMU can do internal organization) PROMISED
    Allen Renear, Moderator PROMISED
    Scholarly Technology Group
    Brown University
    Adrian Miles PROMISED
    Department of Communication Studies
    RMIT University
    124 Latrobe Street
    Melbourne, Victoria 3000
    Nancy Kaplan  PROMISED
    School of Communications Design
    University of Baltimore
    Matthew G. Kirschenbaum PROMISED
    Department of English
    University of Kentucky
    John Unsworth PROMISED and RECEIVED
    Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities
    University of Virginia
    John Lavagnino PROMISED and RECEIVED
    Center for Humanities Computing
    King's College London

  7. Pedagogy goes to the movies: hypermedia in the cinema class room. (JMU will edit; Matt and Zuern to review) PROMISED
    Adrian Miles
    Department of Communication Studies
    RMIT University
    124 Latrobe Street
    Melbourne, Victoria 3000

  8. English literature, electronic text and computer analysis: An impossible combination? (JMU will edit; John Lavagnino and John Dawson) PROMISED and RECEIVED
    Claire Warwick 
    Department of Information Studies
    University of Sheffield
    Regent Court 
    211 Portobello Street
    Sheffield, South Yorkshire S10 2TN 

Also possible:

Short, Horton, Thaller: Text Analysis Tools: Architectures and protocols

Claus Huitfeldt: Text Encoding, Representation and Interpretation