Activities of the TEI, ALLC, ACH, NINCH, and STS

Organization Standards Activities Meetings and Conferences Consulting and Training Publications Prizes Outreach
TEI TEI Guidelines Annual members' meeting Consulting on projects and proposals; TEI workshops and classes Guidelines, web site none none?
ALLC Best Practices (ACO*Hum) Conference (joint, with ACH) Education and research programs (describe in more detail?) Publications (LLC, Humanist, Web Site) Prizes (Busa award, student prize, bursaries) Outreach to other organizations (which?)
ACH none Conference (joint, with ALLC) Professional mentoring program Publications (CHUM, Humanist, Web site, CHWP, newsletter planned) Prize (The Busa Award) Outreach to other organizations (e.g., MLA)
NINCH Guide to Good Practice in Digital Representation and Management of Cultural Heritage Materials Annual members' meeting (NINCH Forum) Copyright Town Meetings & Workshops; Good Practice workshops ninch-announce; web site; meeting reports (Copyright Town Meetings; co-publish book on Creating Museum IP Policy with CHIN) none yet (planned) Particularly on connections between IT/CS and humanities; convenings around particular issues, bringing different constituencies together

Desiderata, not currently provided by one or more of the above:

  1. A free online journal that was exemplary of digital humanities practice [ACH]
  2. A peer-review process for born-digital artefacts [ACH]
  3. Conference support for graduate students [ACH]
  4. Affordable membership fees for students [ACH]
  5. Links to regional and allied organizations and a presence at their conferences [ACH] [TEI]
  6. Information-gathering about our community and the needs of computing humanists [ACH] [TEI]
    (NB: the NINCH Building Blocks project has done surveys of needs of humanists that IT can serve, and plans to build on that information-gathering exercise)
  7. More extensive documentation, aimed at different audiences (information for novices; information targeted at particular disciplines) [TEI]
  8. More consulting services and training services, provided to members (preferably subsidized or free) and to the general public (perhaps as a revenue-generating services) [TEI]
  9. Alliances with related encoding standards which serve particular communities; the goal here would be to use existing work and incorporate it into the TEI as a DTD subset rather than have TEI reinvent it. [TEI]
  10. Shared expert grantwriting capability [NINCH]