Digital Resources Created at the University of Virginia

for Teaching and Research in

British and American Literature, History, and Culture


A list of existing digital resources produced at UVa and freely available on grounds and/or more generally.  This is not an exhaustive list of all ongoing projects in these areas underway at the University: rather, it is a list of projects with significant amounts of regularly maintained high-quality content already available.


American Studies @ The University of Virginia



Arise and Build:


Ed Ayers, The Valley of the Shadow


Brian Balogh, Viewing America



Lloyd Benson, "American Newspaper Editorials in the Secession Era"



Matthew Butterfield, History of Jazz



Patricia Click, The Roanoke Island Freedmen’s Colony



Tom Costa, The Virginia Runaways Project



County and City Databooks



Jackson Davis Collection of African-American Educational Photographs



Digital Map Library



Hoyt Duggan, "Piers Plowman Electronic Archive"



Early American Fiction



Morris Eaves, Robert Essick, Joseph Viscomi, "The William Blake Archive”



Frank E. Grizzard, Jr., "Documentary History of the Construction of the Buildings

at the University of Virginia, 1817-1828."



Jeffrey Hadden, Religious Freedom



Jerome Handler, Pictorial Images of the Transatlantic Slave Trade



The Holsinger Studio Collection Image Database



Thomas Jefferson Digital Archive



Ed Lay.  The Architecture of Jefferson Country


Phyllis Leffler.  History of UVa in the 20th Century


Michael Levenson, "Monuments and Dust"



Jerome McGann, "The Complete Writings and Pictures of Dante Gabriel Rossetti:

A Hypermedia Research Archive"


The Miller Center, The American President



The Miller Center, Presidential Recordings


The Miller Center Forums



Modern Virginia History



Monticello's Archaeology Department


Kathy Poole, "Evolutionary Infrastructure: Boston’s Backbay Fens"



Kenneth M. Price, Ed Folsom, et al., "The Walt Whitman Hypertext Archive"



Race and Place



Stephen Railton, Mark Twain in His Times



Stephen Railton, "Uncle Tom's Cabin and American Culture"




Reuben Rainey, A World-Wide Web Multimedia Archive for the Study of the History

of American Landscape Architecture



Ben Ray, "The Salem Witchcraft Trials, 1692-1693: A Thematic Research Archive"



Kathy Rohe, The Garren Collection of Historic Dress [also TTI]



Marion Roberts, "The Salisbury Project"  [also TTI]



J. David Sapir, Photographs on the Web (The History of Photography)


Susan Schreibman, "The Thomas MacGreevy Archive"



Randy Shifflett, Virtual Jamestown



Holly Shulman, The Dolley Madison Project



Martha Nell Smith et al., "Dickinson Electronic Archives"



 Kali Tal et al., "The Sixties Project"



Phil Troutman, Geographies of Family and Market: Virginia's Domestic

Slave Trade in the Nineteenth Century



United States Historical Census Data



John Unsworth, The Bestsellers Database


Peter Waldman, "Lessons of the Lawn"


            Noteworthy in this class are two interactive exercises:

            1. "Easy Pieces" where plans and sections of several Lawn buildings including the Rotunda, Pav. VII and Pav. II and a student room can be analyzed.  Example:

            2. Case studies of six pairs of buildings or plans (one ancient, one modern compared in each case with the Lawn.)  Example: