ACLS: Cyberinfrastructure Commission
Cyberchair mail
U-M School of Information: Atkins committee issues NSF report on development of cyberinfrastructure
Science -- Mitchell 303 (5663): 1472
2004 RLG Annual Meeting: hotels, travel, & city information
Defanti, Thomas
NSF Post Digital Library Futures Workshop - Overview
Newberry GIS conference
Resources for information architects
Building a National Strategy for Digital Preservation: Issues in Digital Media Archiving
Open Access News (Formerly: FOS News)
Hilton Garden Inn Evanston
NSF: CISE: Divisions
Arts and Humanities Research Board - ICT in Arts and Humanities Research
grockwel: Research Notes: Humanities Computing Challenges
Dividing Up The S&T Portfolio: Remarks of Senator Domenici
The Book as the Gold Standard for Tenure and Promotion in the Humanistic Disciplines
2004 Budget Testimony
ECDL 2004 | Invited Speakers
DAACS :: Digital Archaeological Archive of Chesapeake Slavery
U.Va. Top News Daily
A Liberal Education and Where to Find It (1868)
Echo: Exploring & Collecting History Online — Science, Technology, and Industry
The Institute for the Future of the Book
Considering the Humanities

Advisory Boards

CLiMB Demo for CNI
Columbia Newsblaster: Summarizing All the News on the Web
BiblioVault Advisory Board - Index



The Artifact in Library Collections
Scholarly Resources In Art History
RLG DigiNews_ Volume 4, Number 4
The Chronicle_ Daily news_ 02_10_2000 -- 01
Best Practices for Digital Archiving_ An Information Life Cycle Approach
Archiving Digital Cultural Artifacts_ Organizing an Agenda for Action
Canonicalization_ A Fundamental Tool to Facilitate Preservation and Management of Digital Information
Collection-Based Persistent Digital Archives - Part 1
Collection-Based Persistent Digital Archives - Part 2
Lines for a Virtual T[y_o]pography [Dissertation Materials_ Matthew G. Kirschenbaum
Humanist.Archives.Vol.14_ 14.0010 'The 10,000-year Library'; Co
Digitale Texte der Archivschule Marburg Nr. 5
From Bach to Baseball Cards_ Preserving the Nation's Heritage at the Library of Congress
DNER - Preservation Management of Digital Materials
As Publishers Perish, Libraries Feel the Pain
The Great Newspaper Caper_ Backlash in the Digital Age
Preserving Digital Information
Selecting Research Collections for Digitization
Nicholson Baker Fan Page
Bertrum H. MacDonald and Fiona A. Black - Using GIS for Spatial and Temporal Analyses in Print Culture Studies_ Some Opportunities


Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences
trAce Online Writing Community
CSE Database
Electronic Textual Editing Web Site
MLA Committee on Scholarly Editions
Constitution of the Association for Computers and the Humanities
ALLC : Pisa meetings April 2002
British Association for American Studies
Union of International Associations (UIA)
ACH Jobs Page
ACH Membership List
Model Editions Partnership
Romantic Circles
Welcome to the ACLS Website
Association for Computers and the Humanities
History E-Book Project
MLA Committee Reports
CHCI - Annual Meeting
H-Net, Humanities & Social Sciences Online
Association for Library and Information Science Education - ALISE
CSG homepage
ACH Membership Database
Association for Library and Information Science Education - ALISE



ALA Conference Planning Calendar
The New Web of History
Startsida ALLC_ACH-2004


TEI 10
allc_ach 98
1999 ACH_ALLC Joint Conference
ALLC/ACH 2002:
The ACH Guide to Humanities-Computing Talks at the 2000 MLA Convention
The ACH Guide to Humanities-Computing Talks at the 2002 MLA Convention
AHA Session 3: Scholarly Communication on the Internet: A Retrospective Look at H-Net on its Tenth Anniversary
American Historical Association 2003 Meetings
PNC Annual Conference Joint Meeting, UC Berkeley, USA,January 11-17, 2000
Digital Resources for the Humanities
DRH2000 - Mission
Envisioning the Future_ Multimedia Conference
HTA Agenda
The Humanities Computing Curriculum
Media In Transition
MLA647 :: Welcome
The New Scholarship
XML, SGML, electronic, commerce, EDI, barcode, publishing, printing, digital, Y2K - Graphic Communications Association - GCA - Ale
STS 2001
Hypertext '00
VA GIS Conference Summary
ALA Midwinter Meeting 2001, Washington D.C.

ALLC-ACH Conference 2004 Abstract Review System: Review List for John Unsworth
The Face of Text
2004 ALLC/ACH Conference, Gotherberg, Sweden
The Face of Text


A Digital Library for the Humanities
Digital Library Colloquium
PADI - Preserving Access to Digital Information


Text Studies at UNL
CTI Textual Studies_ Guide to Digital Resources (Detailed Contents)
Humanities computing units and institutional resources
Humanities Computing Repository
The ACH Guide to Humanities-Computing Talks at the 2000 MLA Convention
NINCH_ Computer Science & the Humanities Building Blocks
CDH - From the Director
Jobs in Humanities Computing
Entertainment Technology Center
U.B. Communications Design_ Doctor of Communications Design
Miall -- ENGL 417_ Hypertext Reading and Writing


Constructions of the Mind -- Table of Contents
West Africa Review (July 1999)
The Great Newspaper Caper_ Backlash in the Digital Age
The History Cooperative


Humanities computing_ formal methods, experimental practice
Humanities Adventures in Computerland
Texas Christian University Workshops


Free Play Productions
National Endowment for the Humanities
Voice of the Shuttle
Johns Hopkins Journals (Project Muse)
CMU Technology and Culture
CMU Cultural Theory
Principia Cybernetica Web
Dante's Divine Comedy - Princeton University
Hyperizons_ Hypertext Fiction
Thomas A. Edison Papers
The Great Newspaper Caper_ Backlash in the Digital Age
Cultivate Interactive Homepage
Welcome to The Internet Archive Wayback Machine
David Rumsey Historical Map Collection
A brief history of Unsworth, Bury, Lancashire and the surrounding areas of Sunnybank & Hollins
The Empire That Was Russia: The Prokudin-Gorskii Photographic Record Recreated (A Library of Congress Exhibition)
Culture Online - Homepage
The Wilhelm Scream
OpenPhoto.Net | Main Gallery
Language Log


ADHOC activities
ADHOC Work Group: Draft position papers
Companion Submissions
HCBook: By Thread
Blackwell's Author Info
Electronic Textual Editing
Open Knowledge Initiative
CETIS-LionShare peer-to-peer project kicks off
Main Page - Wikipedia
18.217 Blackwell Companion to Digital Humanities from Humanist Discussion Group (by way of Willard McCarty <>) on 2004-09-16 (Humanist Archives Vol. 18 )
grockwel: Research Notes: Intersections of Math and Multimedia
The Melbern G. Glasscock Center for Humanities Research
The Journal of Community Informatics: Vol. 1, No. 1 (2004)
Multivariant narrative


Edward Vanhoutte
William A. Kretzschmar, Jr. - Homepage
John Price-Wilkin
Greg Crane
Geoffrey Rockwell
Michael Jon Jensen
maryland institute for technology in the humanities
Bethany Nowviskie
EPC_Johanna Drucker Author Page
Tim Spurgin
Laura N. Lolly Gasaway _ UNC-CH
Eyal Amiran, MSU Homepage
Espen Aarseth's Web site
Stuart Moulthrop's Web Site
John McCutcheon
Jerome McGann
Greg Ulmer
Jim English
Thomas Unsworth
Bill Unsworth
Eleanor Unsworth
Anthony Martin's Homepage
Lou Burnard His Home Page
Katherine O'Brien O'Keeffe
Neil Fraistat
Julia Flanders
Claus Huitfeldt
University of Rochester English Department: Faculty
Welcome to Marija Dalbello's Home Page
Kenneth M. Price
C. M. Sperberg-McQueen Home Page
Andrea Laue's Homepage
Alan Liu - Profile
Matthew G. Kirschenbaum
apud WM
Sarah Wisseman /Dept of Anthropology@UIUC
Matthew James Driscoll
Christine L. Borgman
Tom Horton's Home Page
Ray Siemens
Delevingne & Associates Photography and Publishing Official Site
Martin Mueller
Jimmy Lin's Homepage
Vaillancourt Homepage
Victor Hoyt's Photo Galleries at
M. J. Driscoll, Photographs 1979-2004
Raymond G Siemens


Scholarly Editions Application Instructions
Homepage - IFP
Office of Educational Technologyy
Welcome to the NDIIPP
Research Board Online
Bios: History: About Us: U.S. Institute of Peace
OVCR- Responsible Conduct of Research
NEH Application Review: Log In


Electronic Publishing Research at the University of Illinois
School of Informatics
ALISE - Awards and Honors: Doctoral Students to ALISE
LEEP Guest Lectures
Inquiry Unit (u12658.xml)
GSLIS Grants 2002/2003
Faculty & Departmental Information
Promotion and Tenure – Criteria
IMS 4000
Welcome to the GSLIS Directory Server Gateway
Tech Support
GSLIS RT system
Luke Wrobleski@boxesandarrows
Guest Lectures
GSLIS Research Showcase Archive & Program
Gslis-cr Info Page
Ndiipp Info Page
H A C E -- Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement
Library Adjunct Policies
Budapest Open Access Initiative
Topics for Chinese Librarians Summer Study Program
Special Recruitments
GSLIS Faculty Candidates
ASU History: Graduate Program: Scholarly Publishing
Special Recruitments
Inquiry Unit (u13988.xml)


About IATH Fall 2001 - Digital Teams in Academe


2001 Performance Planning & Evaluation Handbook
All University Classified Job Dictionary Selection
Staff Resources
UVA Financial & Administrative Policy


Salem Witchcraft Archive_ Transcribers
Salem Witchcraft Archive_ Editors
London Database
IATH Equipment List
Jefferson MySQL
phpPgAdmin 2.1 on aldus.village.virginia.edu_8000_local
EsoSoft Corporation - Welcome!
Test Page


Yahoo! Groups : granby-dev
The Granby Suite
BackBay Query Engine
London Javadocs
Replicating the Salisbury Image Archive
Burn It
Compress It
Map It
Type It
The Granby System Architecture
Whitman Encoding Guidelines


Hewlett Packard
Snap! Server SNAP306415 [Home]
MarkNet S Home Page
Snap Server SNAP306415 [Administration]


Index of _~cj8n_salem
Temporal Modelling Project
Whitman Archive WIP Site
Common-place_ Tales from the Vault_ Uncle Tom's Home Page
Steve Norris' Home Page
Guide to Walt Whitman Manuscript Collections
Agenda for 2002 Whitman Camp
Whitman Archive WIP Site: Testing
Blake Archive WIP Site
CET Search engine
The William Blake Archive Project Records


Replicating the Salisbury Image Archive
Salisbury Models
Supporting Digital Scholarship
The Rossetti Archive in Fedora
Crystal Palace
The Salisbury Project: DynaXml
The Salisbury Project: HTML
Rossetti Archive METS Wrapping
Rossetti Archive METS Wrapping

IATH Fellowship Application Form
UDO presentation, 1/10/03
AHR-Ayers/Thomas article
absalom, absalom chronology
IVANHOE: a game of interpretation


Library and Information Sciences Library E-Journals
Library Trends
DDQ Index
Taxonomy Warehouse - A Comprehensive Web-Directory of Taxonomies
GSLIS - Programs: Doctor of Philosophy
MIT Policies and Procedures
PLoS Biology: Feature
Cornell and Other University Libraries to Cancel Elsevier Titles
Directory of open access journals
Scholarly Communication
The Chronicle: 3/26/2004: Scientific Societies' Publishing Arms Unite Against Open-Access Movement
Creative Commons


WAMH 89.3 fm


The Chronicle of Higher Education_ Academe Today
The New York Times on the Web
NPR Online
Arts & Letters Daily - ideas, criticism, debate
Wired News
The Red Rock Eater
Internet Traffic Report
The Scout Report
The Chronicle: Facts & Figures

Wired 9.04_ The Hot New Medium_ Paper


Washington, D.C. -- Restaurants -- Alphabetically
The Onion _ America's Finest News Source
Zippy the Pinhead
Survival Research Laboratories
The Ivanhoe Game
The Oracle of Bacon at Virginia
The Dialectizer
Additional Poems Written by Ray Kurzweilís Cybernetic Poet
INTERCAL Resource Page
20 ways the world could end
Classical MIDI Archives © 2000 Classical Archives, LLC
Lycos Music_ Downloads
Tank 20
SatireWire | - Home
EO News: NASA Olympics Blue Marble Release; February 6, 2002
Sveriges Television - Hˆgaffla hage
The tailor of a cat CAT PRIN
404 page not found
Democracy/Freedom Ticker

Viruses, Spam & Scams

Computer Virus Myths home page - Virus Information Library
Symantec AntiVirus Research Center
Nigeria - The 419 Coalition Website

The Scout Report -- Volume 8, Number 11
They Rule
One Man's Eye
The Career Network, from The Chronicle of Higher Education
T D F - 2 0 0 2 : canal le Tour - OLN
International Herald Tribune
The Chronicle: Facts & Figures: 4/12/2002
Apple Demonstrates Major Commitment To Education at NECC
The News-Gazette Online
Cost of War
NewsInEssence: Web-based News Summarization
Deans discuss "Information Schools Movement"
Ananova - Tiny robot helicopter unveiled in Japan
National Weather Service Forecast Office - Central Illinois
10x10 / 100 Words and Pictures that Define the Time / by Jonathan J. Harris


NCSA - Automated Learning Group
InfoVis CyberInfrastructure- Software
Echo: Exploring & Collecting History Online — Science, Technology, and Industry
The Webviz Archives
The Webviz December 2004 Archive by thread
Webviz Blog
Welcome on our page ! Alceste
The New York Times > Books > Sunday Book Review > Essay: Tool for Thought
Language Visualization
An Atlas of Cyberspaces
Navigating large bodies of text
Project MUSE - Project MUSE Journals by Title
Index of /~nora
American National Corpus


Google Scholar
Visa Buxx
CITES NetFiles


Susanne Z. Riehemann - Photos


CNN - A museum exhibit with body and soul - February 07, 1998
JHUP Contract
JHUP Copyright



GNU's Not Unix! - the GNU Project and the Free Software Foundation (FSF)
WIPO diplomatic conference December 2-20, 1996
WIPO home page
Intellectual Property and the National Information Infrastructure
The Copyright Web Site
Copyright Clearance Center Online
Stanford University Libraries Copyright and Fair Use Site
Copyright and Multimedia Law for Webbuilders and Multimedia Authors
Multimedia Intellectual Property Primer
Virginia State Bar, "Protecting Your Intellectual Property"
Crash Course in Copyright
John Perry Barlow, "The Economy of Ideas"
John Perry Barlow, "The Next Economy of Ideas"
Copyright, Electronic Works, and Federal Libraries_ Maintaining Equilibrium
The ElectronicFrontier Foundation
Ethics and Law on the Electronic Frontier (MIT)
Chilling Effects Clearinghouse
Harvard University's Information Infrastructure Project
Trotter Hardy, "Contracts, Copyright and Preemption in a Digital World"
TCPA / Palladium FAQ
UVA Copyright Policy
Subverted PD List
Wired 12.03: Some Like It Hot
Copyright Term and the Public Domain in the United States

Cultural Studies

Digital Divide
Al Filreis' _The American 1950s_

Data Mining

Untangling Text Data Mining
Text mining in a digital library
Pareto Law
Slashdot | Can Software Schedules Be Estimated?

Digital Library

Welcome to Preservation Commons
CIDC_ Cornell Institute for Digital Collections
Preserving the Illustrated Text
Story_ Library of Congress Will Not Digitize Books, 4_15_00.
Intrinsic Value In Archival Material
Findings of the Illustrated Book Study
Manuscript Digitization Demonstration Project - Summary Report
NINCH Guide to Good Practice
METS Overview and Tutorial (Library of Congress)
ARL 226: Institutional Repositories: Essential Infrastructure for Scholarship in the Digital Age
The Digital Library of the Commons
< > international internet preservation consortium - welcome
Cost of Hard Drive Space
Copyright Term and the Public Domain in the United States

Electronic Publishing

Nature Debates: E-optimism on a tide of red ink
Nature Debates: e-access
Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography
The Information Economy
Principles for Emerging Systems of Scholarly Publishing
The Chronicle_ Daily news_ 02_10_2000 -- 01
The Chronicle_ Daily news_ 03_29_2001 -- 02
The Battle to Define the Future of the Book in the Digital World
Locally Controlled Scholarly Publishing via the Internet: The Guild Model- WP02-01
CrossRef: The Central Source for Reference Linking
Macromedia - Web Site Production Management Techniques
Nature Debates: Information wants to be valuable
The Costs of Electronic Publishing of Scholarly Works
Institutional Repositories: Partnering with Faculty to Enhance Scholarly Communication
Patterns of Journal Use by Faculty at Three Diverse Universities
American-Scientist-Open-Access-Forum: By Thread
[oucs] OUCS documentation guidelines
The Differences Slavery Made -- Thomas and Ayers -- American Historical Review
Issues: Perspectives (May 2002): All of Tomorrow's Yesterdays: History Scholarship on the Web_Revised

Humanities Computing

Unsworth: What is Humanities Computing and What is not?
Outlook: A Conversation With Allen Renear
SPT v6n1: Table of Contents
The Orlando Project

Hypertext Design

Concept Maps as Hypermedia Components
JEP_ Hypertext

Hypertext Theory

Beyond Word and Image -- Networking Moving Images_ More than Just the _Movies_
Navigating Nowhere
E-literacies_ Politexts, Hypertexts, and Other Cultural Formations in the Late Age of Print
Virtual Textuality
Hypertext, the Next Generation_ A Review and Research Agenda by Alex Soojung-Kim
Memex and Beyond
The Impermanence Agent

Internet and Web

GVU Center's WWW User Survey Home Page
History of the Internet and WWW_ Road 1 -- USA to Europe
Hobbes' Internet Timeline - the definitive Internet history
Fictional Identities in Text- and Dataspace
Balkanization_ Cover Page
Collaboration, Knowledge Representation and Automatability
Annals_ A Social History of Bitnet and Listserv
How much information is there_
Main Articles_ 'Interoperability', Ariadne Issue 24
The Internet Economy Indicators
UCLA Center for Communication Policy - Internet Report

Knowledge Representation

DHCS readings
What is a Knowledge Representation_
Knowledge Representation Book
"Conscious Machines", by Marvin Minsky
Minsky - Matter, Mind and Models

Literary Hypertext

Reading, Scholarship, and Hypertext Editions


Refining Our Notion of What Text Really Is.
The Trouble with SGML
ZDNet: Printer Friendly - Uncle Sam: Hold your horses on XML
RDF for self-describing images
Drawing inferences on the basis of markup


spiked-culture | Article | And then there was postmodernism...


Guidelines for Electronic Scholarly Editions_ Introduction
The Nation - The Crushing Power of Big Publishing - 03_17_96
The Paperback Revolution

Publishing Technologies

History of Communication Media Technologies
Text and Image_ Selective Annotated Bibliography
English (Texts and Textuality_ Textual Scholarship)
Bill's Bookmarks
BUBL LINK _ 5_15 Internet Resources_ Printing history
American Printing History Association Home page
Eastgate Systems presents eNarrative.org_ Hypertext, Narrative, Image, Flash, A Roundtable Event
Lev Manovich _ Texts
Books Go To War
Color Printing_ Introduction
L.E.L., _Verses_ and _The Keepsake_ for 1829 - Electronic Editions, Romantic Circles
Hogarth and the World of Prints_ Technical Details
Imperial Views
Briar Press _ Museum _ Guide
Women on the Web Syllabus
Feminism and Writing Technologies Home Page
8. Book Production
Studies in Bibliography, Volume 22 (1969)
Studies in Bibliography, Volume 48 (1995)
Amazon.com_ Stop Designing Web Pages, Start Developing Web Sites
Learning XML _ (Guide to) Creating Self-Describing Data
AMS Press
Writing Technologies Timeline
Your Old Books
E-literacies_ Politexts, Hypertexts, and Other Cultural Formations in the Late Age of Print
Alexis Weedon - From Three-Deckers to Film Rights_ A Turn in British Publishing Strategies, 1870-1930 - Book History 2_1
Victorian Studies--Textual Scholarship, Textual Theory and the Uses of Electronic Tools
poems that go
Here Comes Everybody's Editions of Ulysses
Dyoublong - Literature -
1997 Syllabus on Content Analysis Home
Bertrum H. MacDonald and Fiona A. Black - Using GIS for Spatial and Temporal Analyses in Print Culture Studies_ Some Opportunities
Computers: History and Development
Hobbes' Internet Timeline - the definitive ARPAnet & Internet history
The book and beyound catalogue index

Creating and Using Virtual Reality: A Guide to Good Practice
American Civil Liberties Union : GAO Report Reveals Four Potential Government Data-Surveillance Programs, ACLU Says
Open Semiotics Ressource Center


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Monterey Ceramic Tile and Marble | Online Catalog
Vintage Plumbing Bathroom Antiques - Toilets Showers & Etcetera
Charles Rupert - C.R. Mackintosh - Tiles
Charles Rupert - Voysey's Birds Weave by C.F.A. Voysey
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Firewalls and iptables
SpamAssassin: Welcome to SpamAssassin


Collaboratory for the Web_ TANGO
CritSuite_ Critical Issues Discussion Tools for the Web
Hypermail Development Home
D3E: Digital Document Discourse Environment

Databases and Document Management

Thunderstone Home Page
Structured Information Manager
FileFlex Headquarters
Oracle Preps XML Server
Inxight Software - Hyperbolic Tree SDK Demos
3D Exploration
PolyTrans - Accurate, High Quality 3D Model Translation Software
Active Navigation Storing XML in Relational Databases [Jun. 20, 2001]
ozone - The Open Source Java ODBMS
Perforce Software - The Fast Software Configuration Management System



AXS Technologies, Accelerated Imaging Solutions

Launch PhotoMesa
Community Report 2001: Matthew Kirschenbaum
Vision and Modeling Group Research Projects
JPEG2000 wavelet compression spec approved
Northumbria Image Data Rresearch Insititute
Scalable Vector Graphics-Demos
Adobe Systems Incorporated Home Page
Cartesian Products, Inc.
Visual Explorer 2.0
Center for Digital Imaging, Inc.
Nuno Vasconcelos Home Page
Describing and retrieving photos using RDF and HTTP
VFZ(Vector Format for Zooming)
Kaon Interactive Inc. - Turn-Key 3D Solutions for the Web.
Introduction to Imaging (Getty Standards Program)
Spectral Selectivity
Page Panner
XGMML (eXtensible Graph Markup and Modeling Language)
Aware, Inc. - Compression Software_ JPEG2000 Codec
Digital Imaging Tutorial - Contents
Computer Graphics World - graphics, 3d modeling, cad and visual computing
A Photometric Approach to Digitizing Cultural Artifacts
British Library Online Newspaper Archive
The GNU Image-Finding Tool - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)
Gentle Giant Studios
Vectors on the web - example gallery
Zoomify ::: Zoomifyer EZ
Web3D Consortium - Open Standards for Real-Time 3D Communication


JCE_ Java Collaborative Environment
Java Home - An IBM Resource for Java Developers and Business Professionals


Multidimensional Files
Encoded Archival Description_ An Introduction and Overview
Digital Scriptorium_ Transcription DTD
XML Text Tools Query Form
LTG software_ LT XML
Comparison of SGML and XML
SMIL Overview
AElfred XML Parser
Ebenezer's software for TEI
The Multidoc Pro family of SGML browsers
Multidoc Pro Demo Download
Cheshire II Project Homepage
Topic Maps
XQuery_ A unified syntax for linking and querying general XML documents
XML document repository
XML document repository (2)
The XML Cover Pages - Home Page
XYZFind - XML Database - Repository, Search and Query for XML
Introduction to Metadata (Getty Research Institute)
XML repository tools from IXIASOFT
Clean up your Web pages with HTML TIDY Rapid Resolution [Jun. 20, 2001]
Scholarly Digital Editions
Metadata Encoding and Transmission Standard (METS)
XML Query Engine
Apropos Toy & Tool Development
Ool - Out-of-line XML
Generated Documentation (Untitled)


Shields UP! -- Internet Connection Security Analysis
Nmap -- Stealth Port Scanner For Network Security Auditing, General Internet Exploration & Hacking

Text Analysis

A Statistical Learning_Pattern Recognition Glossary
Sanvitale_ manoscritto originale e edizione diplomatica di A a confronto
The JAIR Information Space
XGMML (eXtensible Graph Markup and Modeling Language)
Lexico Web Page (downloadable app for the PC)
CRIA - Center for Research on Information Access
Versioning Machine
OntoText Lab., Sirma AI
TAPoR Text Analysis
Tapor Tools Prototype
civilwar2.svg (image/svg+xml Object)


Persistent URL Home Page
The Handle System
W3C - The World Wide Web Consortium
Search Middleware and the Simple Digital Library Interoperability Protocol
The CGI Resource Index_ Programs and Scripts
AnalogX - Free software downloads, audio tools, internet utilities, DirectX plugins, original music, MIDI software, MP3 search eng
The NCSA HTTPd Home Page
empolis k42
Web Server Statistics for the Statistical Laboratory
Second Story Interactive Studios

TimeMap Project Æ Home Page
Open Source XML Database
Safe Software: Data Translation Solutions - Convert CAD, Data, and GIS file formats
MapCloud Services
Bombich Software
Samba domain controller support
Mulberry Technologies, Inc.
XMLStarlet Command Line XML Toolkit: Overview
TAPoR Home/Accueil
LookSmart's Furl - Your Personal Web


TEI Survey
Account Manager Login | VeriSign
ESTATE proposal
TEI Consortium
Main Articles_ 'Text Encoding for Interchange_ a new Consortium ', Ariadne Issue 24
Guidelines for Markup of Electronic Texts, Version 1.0_ UW-Madison Libraries
TEI Admin
TEI Consortium - Survey on TEI Use
Advanced specimen sample
The World Clock Meeting Planner
The Personal World Clock
TEI/NEH Workgroup on SGML/XML Migration
Search the TEI-L archives
TEI in Libraries (2003-01-06a)
Sample XML/XSL Application Kits for Bibliographies and Articles



Google WebQuotes
Xenon Labs_ The Universal Currency Converter(tm)
Image Finder (DL SunSITE)
The Salary Calculator: relocation, cost of living, real estate
The World Time Server - correct, current, local
Internet Anagram Server / I, Rearrangement Servant : anagrams, wordplay, solver, finder, generator, crossword, transmogrify, pangram, shuffle, fun
TouchGraph GoogleBrowser V1.01
Neevia Document Converter eXPress
Tapor Tools Prototype
STG XML Validation Form
Network Overview /// Internet Traffic Report
Conversion Calculator Bit Byte Kilobyte Megabyte Gigabyte Terabyte Petabyte Exabyte


Oxford English Dictionary
Switchboard Home Page
WhoWhere_ E-mail Addresses
E-Mail Directory
Foreign Languages for Travelers
Zip Code Server
Lynch, Guide to Grammar and Style
Index to Literature on Electronic Sources of Information
PubList.com_ Home Page
Rhetorical Figures
Patron Saints Index: Table of Contents
History of the Internet
Plumb Design Visual Thesaurus
AnyWho_ Telephone Number, Email, Home Page URL, FAX, Toll Free, and Address
Welcome to BT
UVA Library Production-Level Tagset
Silva Rhetoricae: The Forest of Rhetoric
Oxford English Dictionary Welcome
Bureau of Labor Statistics Home Page


Samsung SPH-I300 Discussion Forums - powered by vBulletin
DevShed - MySQL
Hypermail Documentation
Web Developers Library
Microsoft Office Developer Forum - Access - Publishing Access Datasheets
Apache Week. The essential free resource for users of the world's most popular web server.
WDVL_ HTML 4.0 Tags
Character entity references in HTML 4
Electronic Mail_ Majordomo Mailing Lists
Doc JavaScript - JavaScript Tutorials, JavaScript Tips, and JavaScript Tools
HTML 4.01 Specification
Search Indexing Robots and Robots.txt
HERT Tutorial links
PHP_ Manual_ PostgreSQL functions
ISO 8859-2 Character Set
MySQL Reference Manual for version 3.21.33. - MySQL language reference
PERL -- Practical Extraction and Report Language
Steve Ramsay's Guide to Regular Expressions
Procmail Quick Start by Nancy McGough
PHP: MySQL Functions - Manual
DevShed - PostgreSQL
PostgreSQL 7.2 Documentation
SAMBA - opening windows to a wider world
Hypermail - hmrc list configuration
Wireless Networking NTK - Setting up : Small Net Builder : Real Help for Your Small Network from Tim Higgins
CSS Properties
CSS Properties

Electricity Around the World
Airline tickets, hotels, cars, vacations_ Go Virtually Anywhere with
XE.com_ The Universal Currency Converter(tm)
World Wide Phone Guide
International Dialing Codes
Local Times Around the World
The World Time Server - correct, current, local
Foreign Languages for Travelers
Weather Underground: Welcome to The Weather Underground
US State Department - Travel Warnings & Consular Information Sheets
CDC Travelers' Health
MapBlast! Maps, Driving Directions, Yellow Pages


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Vacation Rentals Villa, Oceanfront 1BR, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Vacation Rentals Villa, Oceanfront 2BR, Puerto Vallarta - Sayulita, Mexico
Vacation Rentals House, Oceanfront 3BR, Puerto Vallarta/Bucerias?La Cruz, Mexico
Vacation rental, Puerto Vallarta, La Cruz, Mexico
La Jolla de Mismaloya - All Suites Resort - - Puerto Vallarta - Mexico
Beachfront Villa-Gorgeous 5 bedroom Villa - 5 Bedrooms | 6 Bathrooms | Sleeps More than 8 | Ocean Front | Home/Villa
TripAdvisor: Puerto Vallarta
Villa Costa Brava - Cabo San Lucas Luxury Villa - 3 Bedrooms | 2 Bathrooms | Sleeps 8 | Ocean View | Home/Villa
Romantic Beachfront House with Spectacular Views - 1 Bedroom | 1 Bathroom | Sleeps 2 | Ocean Front | Home/Villa


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