Conference Protocol

of the

Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations


Changes from "IFDiSH" to "ADHO" have been made without special font-color notation. Text in red is new as of March 31, 2005, and is jointly proposed by Harold Short and John Unsworth. Text in blue represents changes proposed in the course of the Steering Committee's deliberation in April-May of 2005.


This document describes the Conference Protocol for the annual international conference of the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO). The Conference Protocol guides the work of the ADHO Conference Coordinating Committee (CCC). As stipulated in the ADHO Governance Protocol, the chair of the CCC serves at the pleasure of voting members of the ADHO Steering Committee. Other members of the CCC are appointed by member organizations, with one representative from each organization.

A. Conference Venue

1. The ADHO Conference Coordinating Committee (CCC) will solicit bids for the conference venue, according to a procedure documented in the annex to this protocol. They will advise bidders in formulating bids. The ADHO steering committee will make all final decisions concerning bids. Bids may be entertained from any region in any year, but the intention is that the conference should rotate geographically so as to distribute the travel burden equitably among the whole membership.

B. The Program Committee and the Reviewing Process

2. The academic program of the conference will be determined by an international program committee (IPC).

3. constituent organizations of ADHO may designate members of the IPC according to guidelines specified in the annex to this protocol, following the principle of equal membership from all affiliates. The IPC shall be appointed no later than two years in advance of the conference.

4. The Program Chair is appointed by the ADHO steering committee. He or she will be drawn from the membership of the constituent organizations, and will normally be drawn from the constituent organization hosting the conference. The Program Chair serves in addition to the designated representatives of the constituent organizations. The Program Chair is a voting member of the Program committee and has the casting vote in case of a tie.

5. There will be a Local Organizer who acts as the point of contact between the host institution and the Program Committee. The LO is a non-voting member of the IPC.

6. The roles of Program Chair and Local Organizer shall not be filled by the same person.

7. The CCC shall ensure that an email list is established for each IPC and that IPC members are promptly subscribed thereto. In addition to the IPC members, each email list should include as listeners the chair of each constituent organization, the chair of ADHO steering committee, the chair of CCC, as well as the future LO and the future IPC Chair once these have been designated.

8. The IPC approves the structure and content of the entire academic program. The academic program will normally include a mix of papers, panels, posters, and plenary sessions, including keynote addresses, the balance of which is the responsibility of the Program Committee. The Program Committee may designate any paper or session as a plenary if in their view it is of sufficient interest to the community. The conference theme is decided by the Program Committee in consultation with the LO. Keynote speakers are decided by the PCommittee in consultation with the LO, and should ideally represent a range of disciplines, interests, and geography.

9. The Program Committee, the Local Organizer, and the executive council of each constituent organization may each sponsor a special session for inclusion in the academic program, subject to approval by the IPC.

10. The review process is as follows:

C. Conference Organization and Financing

11. Financing the conference is the sole responsibility of the Local Organizer; neither ADHO nor the constituent organizations will subsidize the conference.

12. The name of the conference is ADHO International [Year].

13. The CCC is responsible for providing a draft of the call for papers, following a standard model supplied in the SOP. The draft may be modified each year by the Program Committee, taking into account the chosen theme of the conference.

14. The Local Organizer will provide at the start of the conference a volume of abstracts of the papers accepted for presentation.

15. A selection of conference papers will be published in the ADHO journal (both print and online as appropriate).

16. These conditions must be accepted by the Local Organizer before the location for a conference is approved.

Amended March 31, 2005 by Harold Short and John Unsworth

Original version drafted May, 2004 by Lorna Hughes (president, ACH), Harold Short (chair, ALLC), and Julia Flanders (chair of the standing committee on conferences, ADHO).