Grappling With A New Medium

Delivered as part of "The New Web of History: Crafting history of science and technology online," Dibner Institute, Massachusetts Institute for Technology, Saturday, March 29, 2003

  1. The Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities
    1. IATH's mission statement

  2. New Genres (And Old)
    1. Uncle Tom's Cabin and American Culture
    2. The Salem Witch Trials

  3. New Support Needs
    1. The Valley of the Shadow
    2. Animated Battle Maps
    3. Making Animated Battle Maps

  4. New Forms of Collaboration
    1. The Blake Archive
    2. The Lives of Exemplary Women

  5. New Problems With Evaluation
    1. A Tenure Shrine
    2. Revised Guidelines from the MLA Committee on Scholarly Editions
    3. AAHC Suggested Guidelines For Evaluating Digital Media Activities in Tenure, Review, and Promotion
    4. Guidelines for Evaluating Faculty Research, Teaching and Community Service in the Digital Age

  6. New Risks and Rewards
    1. Evolutionary Infrastructure
    2. The Rossetti Archive
    3. The Walt Whitman Archive

  7. New Problems for Publishing and Preservation
    1. The Electronic Imprint at the University of Virginia Press
    2. The Blake Archive Archive
    3. Supporting Digital Scholarship (and Rossetti Spaghetti)
    4. FEDORA (and Rossetti in FEDORA)