Eleanor Stuart Unsworth

Things about Eleanor

I'm in fourth grade and I'm nine. I go to Burnley Moran Elementary School. I like to do Math, Reading, Writing, Art, Gymnastics,and soccer. A

Things about Eleanor's Family

I have two brothers named Bill and Tom and two parents named Maggie and John and two dogs (who don't have web pages) and two birds (who are too stupid to have Web pages), and one cat (who just doesn't want a web page). My uncle Bill English works for the President this year, on the Council of Economic Advisors. We have gotten two gifts from the President: one was a card, the other was a Christmas ornament. If you want, you can see my photo album here.

Art from Other Countries

I like Mexican Art, like Diego Rivera's...

...and I also like Mayan art, like these paintings from Arte Maya Tz'utuhil Museum in Guatemala.


I like to read a lot of books. The Children's Literature Web Guide is a good place to go. I like stories by Roald Dahl, like James and the Giant Peach (but not the Disney version--the real one).

Art By Eleanor

The River Christmas Night

A Poem for Christmas:

Santa is coming to town.

Santa is coming to town.

Round and round he gos.

Hes got a lot of toys you now.

Hes got a nice fat toe allsow.

He realy likes to play in the snow.

Lots and lots of children are going to see his show.

By Eleanor

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