Call for Proposals: Interdisciplinary Faculty Seminars

We invite the faculty of Arts and Sciences to submit proposals for interdisciplinary workshops to be supported by funds provided by the Dean. Each of the proposed workshops should focus on an issue or issues of importance to faculty and students in at least two and hopefully three or more departments. We would also hope that the benefits of such workshops could be enhanced by integrating them with graduate seminars (perhaps team-taught), with departmental speakers series, or by other departmental initiatives. We envision each workshop as having a life of no more than two years. Funding for both years combined will not exceed $15,000.

Each proposal should provide a discussion of why the chosen issues have become, or should be, critical to scholarship in the relevant disciplines. A short bibliography of relevant publications that might engage the attention of workshop participants also should be included. The proposal should describe the various components of the workshop and should provide a schedule of activities for the entire length of the funding period. Workshop components might include (but are not limited to) panel discussions, seminars that crosscut departments, guest scholars, exhibits, etc. The proposal should identify the faculty who will serve as directors of the workshops, as well as other faculty who will regularly participate. We also expect that graduate students from several departments will be intensively involved in these workshops.

Each submission should thus include the following:
  1. a discussion of the issues to be addressed, an explanation of why they are significant to interdisciplinary scholarship, and a short list of 5-6 references to relevant literature;
  2. a description of the components of the workshop and a proposed schedule of activities for the entire period of the workshop;
  3. a budget for each year for which support is requested;
  4. a list of the faculty who will direct the workshop and the departments and faculty who will regularly participate.

Please limit each proposal to no more than 3-5 pages, doubled-spaced, with at least 1 inch margins and a font size no smaller than 11 point. Proposal should be submitted to Dean Stephen Plog, 444 Cabell Hall, no later than Friday, December 11.

Allison Puckett
Executive Secretary
Graduate School of Arts & Sciences
444 Cabell Hall/924-3437

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