Academic Electronic Publishing:

the Author's Point of View.

  1. Why do I need a publisher?

    1. Cost recovery

    2. Marketing

    3. If you don't need either of the above, a library might provide:

    4. Markup or other data services

    5. A permanent distribution site

  2. Two Models of Electronic Publishing



    one author (cooperative) many authors (collaborative)
    one editor editorial board
    one sale many sales
    final-form content evolving content
    physical object data stream
    CD Web
    Integrated CD plus Web publication

  3. Picking a Publisher

    1. Content/Market expertise

    2. Track record in electronic publishing

    3. Willingness to work with your model of epublishing

  4. Negotiating with a publisher

  • Cost Recovery Schemes

    1. Free

    2. Single Sale

    3. Subscription/Site Licensing

    4. Pay-per Use

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