JHUP Links

  1. bell hooks, "Postmodern Blackness"
  2. Deepika Bahri, "Disembodying the Corpus: Postcolonial Pathology in Tsitsi Dangarembga's Nervous Conditions"
  3. "Women and Television" (review essay by Leslie Shade)
  4. Brian Donohue, "Marxism, Postmodernism, Zizek"
  5. A navigational graphic in Michael Joyce's Twelve Blue
  6. Andrew Ross, "Hacking Away at the Counter-culture"
  7. Frank Palmeri, "Other than Postmodern?--Foucault, Pynchon, Hybridity, Ethics"
  8. Rita Raley, "Reveal Codes: Hypertext and Performance"
  9. Mark Mossman, "Acts of Becoming: Autobiography, Frankenstein, and the Postmodern Body"
  10. Suzanne Bost, "'Be deceived if ya wanna be foolish': (Re)constructing Body, Genre, and Gender in Feminist Rap"