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Who are we?

Mr. Delevingne's photography is said to create excitement in a compelling sense.

Style, beauty, character, emotion, and elegance are elicited from his subjects.

Mr. Delevingne enjoys people. As a photojournalist he listens to them, and, in turn, tells their story with a distinctive eye.

Native of Paris, Mr. Delevingne is eminently at ease on the international scene. Three languages and humour are his "passport".

His achievements, here in the U.S. and overseas, have gathered rave reviews from critics.

His photographs are sought after by the most prestigious museums, institutions, and personal collectors throughout the world.

These quotes may say it all;

"I'm remiss. They are wonderful!! So full of light and warmth (not to mention beautifully composed). Thanks for your outstanding work and your sensitive 'eye'!"

Phillips Academy at Andover
Gold Case Award 1998

"...the artist's [vision] is quick and its eloquence is striking."

L'Echo de la Bourse
Paris, France

Carla Santia

Lionel Delevingne, Principal (
Carla Santia,Accounts Representative (
Heather Autry, Studio Director (
Steve Turner, writer, Consultant (
Robert Lair, writer, Consultant (
Jerry Berndt, photographer, Paris, France (
Lindsay McCabe, intern, assistant (
Lawrence, Claire, Sophie (
Neta Bolosky, Business Manager (

D & A
A visual firm created in 1989 as Nouveau Monde Press and restructured in 1995 to provide high quality services to Educational and other institutions in the Humanities, as well as the News Media.
Our creative team, which includes designers, writers, filmmakers, photographers, and printers, offers a comprehensive visual and textual package to our clients.

D & A Publishing
A consecration of this combined talent of professionals which results in the publication of fine books and catalogs.

Caribbean Stock
Provides clients in the Travel and Fashion industry with sophisticated images on location throughout the Caribbean.

Delevingne & Associates