Demo of the Mailserv cgi-bin software for Majordomo Use and Administration

If you want to use this for your own majordomo list, all you need to do is past the following code into a Web page of your own choosing, replacing "somelist" with the name of your list:

<form method=POST action= target=mailserv>
<input type=submit value="Operate Somelist">
<input type=hidden name=to value="">
<input type=hidden name=list value="somelist">

NB: this software will not override the majordomo configuration for your list, so (for example) if the list is not open for self-subscription, then the request to subscribe through the web won't be honored.

If you want to limit the list of majordomo commands available to only one (for example, subscribe), you can also add the lines:

<input type=hidden name=commands value="subscribe somelist">
<input type=hidden name=max value="1">

...which will give you something like this:

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