The Model Editions Partnership

Panorama Mockups

When the editors in the Partnership first began to grasp the significance of TEI Markup, we developed these mockups as a means of demonstrating key concepts. The quality of the graphics leaves much to be desired, but these were created with the tools available at the time. We are pleased to share them with you,but ask that you not distribute the URL without our permission.

Your browser will launch Panorama when you start the demonstration. After Panorama loads the files, you will need pull down the Navigator menu and select"Navigator for Letters." This will give you a table of contents panel on the left side of the screen. The most dramatic demonstration of the power of TEI markup is in the first letter of the Laurens Papers. By selecting alternate stylesheets from the pull-down Styles menu, you can view the letter in several ways.

Click here to view the Panorama Mockups

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