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Digital Diploma Mills: The Automation of Higher Education by David F. Noble
ACM Hypertext '96
Media In Transition
Envisioning the Future: Multimedia Conference
Digital Resources for the Humanities
Visual Resources Association
Convergence: Introduction
Welcome to the ACLS Website
Romantic Circles
Digital Directions
allc/ach 98
TEI 10
Model Editions Partnership


Betty Bowman Ephemera
Population Council
Ford Foundation

Cultural Sites

Museums and other Art Related Sites Gateways
the ONION, Number One In News
Books On-line, Listed by Call Number
Audiovisual Culture
Marxist Media Theory
Al Filreis' "The American 1950s"
Dogmatism, Relativism, Pluralism
IATH Related Readings
Voice of the Shuttle
PMC Related Readings
NPR Online
Johns Hopkins Journals (Project Muse)
CMU Technology and Culture
Balkanization: Cover Page
Future Culture
History of Communication Media Technologies
CyberSurfer's Webzine
An Archeology of Cyberspaces
CMU Cultural Theory
CineMedia Site
Amherst College
Show Your Fetish
Principia Cybernetica Web
City of Bits
Institute for Academic Technology Home Page
The English Web at Penn
The search for some hypertext fiction
Oxford University Press
Cambridge UniversityPress

Department and University

Manage ENTC 312 Toolkit
Jennifer Hoyt--Undergraduate Thesis
UVa English Dept.
The Multimedia Resource Center
Teaching Technology Initiative
Unsworth: Curriculum Vitae
American Studies at The University of Virginia
Vice Provost for Research
Dissertation Materials: Matthew G. Kirschenbaum
MLA Style

ENTC 312 (S98)

The History Hotlist
AAP Industry Statistics
PW: Making the Charts
Popular Press Catalog
PW: Anniversary
Bestseller Lists 1950-1995

ENSP482: Syllabus
Diversity University, Inc.
The Switched-On Classroom Home Page
Thinking Critically about WWW Resources
University and College Home Pages - Survey Results
George Reese's Web
Marxist Media Theory
Dogmatism, Relativism, Pluralism
Audiovisual Culture
Powers, Richard
ENTC 312: Syllabus
Make an HTML Form
UVA Eng. Dept. Web Editorial Committee Minutes 110796
ENSP981 F97
ENSP481: Theory and Practice of Hypertext

Friends - Welcome
Eleanor Unsworth
Bill Unsworth
Thomas Unsworth
Jim English
Al Filreis
Greg Ulmer
Jerome McGann
John McCutcheon
George P. Landow -- Homepage
Paul Jones
Brad Mehlenbacher
Electronic Text Center -- University of Virginia
The WWW Home Page of Ruth Vilmi
Northampton Bicycle Online
Stuart Moulthrop's Web Site

Hypertext Readings

Dead Media Project TEXT ARCHIVES

Hypertext Theory

Hypertext with Consequences: Recovering a Politics of Hypertext
Navigating Nowhere
Perforations: Gaps Maps and Perception
E-literacies: Politexts, Hypertexts, and Other Cultural Formations in the Late Age of Print
Virtual Textuality
Written on the Web

Literary Hypertext

The New Hyperdrama
Women Writers and the Restive Text
A Generation of Proto-Hypertext Authors
Reading, Scholarship, and Hypertext Editions
313- Parody Error

Hypertext Design

HTML Reference Manual
Concept Maps as Hypermedia Components
nformation interaction design
Browser Beatings: Design with Browsers that Suck
World3 - the ezine for web designers
Hypertext with Consequences, by Diane Greco

ENSP 981

E on the Edge
Stone Age babies in cyberspace (1 of 6)
The Technology of the Manuscript Book
The History of Printing
The Media History Project
Processes of Mediation
Biases of the Ear and Eye
The Phenomenology of Writing by Hand
Writing Strategies
Voice of the Shuttle: Technology of Writing Page
Heim: Critique of the Word in Process
The Hyper-Texted Body, Or Nietzsche Gets A Modem
Postmodern Virtualities
CTHEORY: Speed and Information: Cyberspace Alarm!
Getting Over the Edge

ENSP 982, Fall 97

Textual Conditions


University of Virginia
Welcome to the Alliance
W. McCarty, Theft of fire: meaning in the markup of names
National Endowment for the Humanities
Humanities Computing Repository
Photogrammetry Studies
Reports, projects, and works in progress
Rossetti Archive--Demonstration Model
IATH home page
Staff Resources
Association for Computers and the Humanities
Romantic Circles
Digital Directions
Guidelines for Electronic Scholarly Editions: Introduction

Legal Issues

Phil Agre's Index
The ElectronicFrontier Foundation
Harvard University's Information Infrastructure Project
The Progress and Freedom Foundation
The Internet and the Anti-net
The IITF Web Server
Multimedia Intellectual Property Primer
GVU Center's WWW User Survey Home Page
CNI Forums
[T:vc 10] Anderson - Immoral Art

News and Entertainment

Survival Research Laboratories
Guardian OnLine
The Red Rock Eater
Wired News
Welcome to NPR
Weather Underground, Inc.: Charlottesville, Virginia Forecast
The Scout Report - March 28, 1997
Internet Weather Report
The Chronicle of Higher Education: Academe Today
The New York Times on the Web
The Oracle of Bacon at Virginia
Welcome to
Computer Virus Myths home page

Online Tools

Writing System Declarations in the TEI
Internet Weather Report
Computer Virus Myths treatise
Switchboard Home Page
Image Finder (DL SunSITE)
Vicinity MapBlast! Map Launcher Page
Oxford English Dictionary
Electronic Text Center -- University of Virginia
UVa Faculty Instructional Toolkit
E-Mail Directory
Biographical Dictionary
WWW Calendar Generator
Zip Code Server
World-Wide Web (Geographical List)
Yanoff's Special Internet Connections
AT&T Internet Toll Free 800 Directory
Foreign Languages for Travellers
A Brief Citation Guide for Internet Sources in History and the Humanities
CTI Textual Studies: Guide to Digital Resources (Detailed Contents)
WWWebster Dictionary - Search screen
Index of Tclet Demos
Multidimensional Files
HTML Elements
High Wired enCore Home Page
The Web Developer's Virtual Library
ITCWeb: CorporateTime Scheduler
City.Net Travel by Excite
WhoWhere? E-mail Addresses
Xenon Labs: The Universal Currency Converter(tm)
Collection Administration: Readings
Switchboard Home Page
PC Banking with Managing Your Money | Virginia
Vicinity MapBlast! Map Launcher Page
[WebCat] The University of Virginia Library
WWW Calendar Generator (v2)
UVA Library -Encyclopedias and Dictionaries
Oxford English Dictionary
Related Readings
E-Mail Directory
Image Finder (DL SunSITE)
BABEL: A Glossary of Computer Related Abbreviations and Acronyms
Character entity references in HTML 4.0
mSQL 2.0 Manual
Rex Swain's HTMLified Perl 5 Reference Guide
Sean Redmond -- Greek Font Unicode Converter


Novatel Wireless - Minstrel
PalmPilot Products and Software Guide: Index by Category
Synergy Solutions, Inc.
Pi-Lid Protective Covers for the PalmPilot
VISIONARY 2000 - Clear Flip Cover for 3Com PalmPilot and IBM WorkPad.
Calvin's PalmPilot FAQ - Hardware Questions
PalmPilotGear H.Q.
GoAmerica Communications
Welcome to Mobile Planet's PalmPilot Paradise - Where the PalmPilot Community gets in synch.......
IntelliMigrate for PalmPilot - The easiest way to transfer your data to your new PalmPilot!

Personal Toolbar Folder

English Dept.
ENTC 312
Events at U.Va.


Waiting for Thomas Kuhn First Monday and the Evolution of Electronic Journals by Edward J. Valauskas
w e b d b - pmc
PMC WIP (Film Issue)

Software and services

A Few Questions...
Visual Explorer 2.0
IBM Centre for Java Technology Development
Cartesian Products, Inc.
The NCSA HTTPd Home Page
ImageMagick - X11 Image Processing and Display Package
Netscape Release Notes (all versions)
CritSuite: Critical Issues Discussion Tools for the Web
BITS: Blueridge Internet Technologies and Services
CDW - Computer Discount Warehouse
Adobe Systems Incorporated Home Page
IBM home page
Abstract Technologies
Silicon Graphics
Sun Microsystems
NECX Direct Login Page
FileFlex Headquarters
IBM Does The Java Jive!
The WinSite(tm) Archive
Multidoc Pro Demo Download
JCE: Java Collaborative Environment
Sanvitale: manoscritto originale e edizione diplomatica di A a confronto
Focus+Context Visualization with Flip Zooming and the Zoom Browser
Gamma Productions, Inc.
Thunderstone Home Page
The Multidoc Pro family of SGML browsers
Java Home - An IBM Resource for Java Developers and Business Professionals
Live PNG
Ebenezer's software for TEI
FutureWave Software
Thinkpad User's Guide
ThinkPad 560 Personalized Page
Windows95 Annoyances
Architext Querying
PNG-supporting Applications
Harvest User's Manual
Administration Tools - The One-Stop Windows 95 Site 32-bit Shareware Collection
Astoria Data Sheet
AElfred XML Parser
The CGI Resource Index: Programs and Scripts Computer Section

Talks and Projects

WIRED 3.09:idées fortes - Idea Futures By Robin Hanson
Could Gambling Save Science?
The Crisis in Information Technology Support: Has Our Current Model Reached Its Limit?

Computing in the Humanities at UVa

Economics of Electronic Publishing

Subversive Proposal
A Framework for Global Electronic Commerce
WIRED 2.03: "The Economy of Ideas" by John Perry Barlow
The Information Economy


WIPO diplomatic conference December 2-20, 1996
What's New? --- Wiped out by WIPO!
WIRED 4.01 - White Paper - By Pamela Samuelson
About the President's IITF
WIPO home page
Introduction - Copyright Information
Information Policy Committee E-mail
Information Policy Committee Publications
Intellectual Property and the National Information Infrastructure
Intellectual Property and the National Information Infrastructure: Executive Summary
Information Infrastructure Task Force
IITF Committees and Working Groups
IITF Committees and Working Groups
What is the NII?
Copyright Clearance Center Online
Publish Mag. article on copyright
Legal Advisory Board
Welcome to the Digital Future Coalition
SUL: Copyright & Fair Use
Liblicense: Licensing Digital Information
OwlLex Communications and Cyberspace Law Links
A Visit to Copyright Bay
Copyright and Multimedia Law for Webbuilders and Multimedia Authors

Refining Our Notion of What Text Really Is.
Ian Lancashire's paper

Technical Research

Collaboratory for the Web: TANGO
SGML: Academic Projects
Vision and Modeling Group Research Projects
PNG-supporting Applications
DSSSL (Final Draft)
Cascading Style Sheets, level 1
The Web Developer's Virtual Library
Philip Greenspun, "We Have Chosen Shame and Will Get War"
Suck: A Wave of the Shockingly Bad
Collaboration, Knowledge Representation and Automatability
WWW-Talk Jul-Sep 1994: ISO, Unicode; right-left languages
WebSpace Home Page
The Web Developer's Virtual Library
Hypermail Documentation
Getcomments Home Page
Xerox PARC PubWeb Server
VRML Repository
GroupLens: An Open Architecture for Collaborative Filtering of Netnews
Getcomments Control Fields
TEI Guidelines
Roles for Electronic Brokers
Unicode Home Page
SGML Web Page
SGML Markup Factory
MBONE Information Web
Plan 9 Index
AT&T Bell Laboratories Research Center
Java Home Page
JCE: Java Collaborative Environment
The SGML/XML Web Page


VRML Gallery
Design in Virtual Environments Using Architectural
WIRED 2.02: "Jenny Holzer: Multidisciplinary Dweeb" by Burr Snider
What does virtual reality have to do with higher
Virtual Reality
The Industrial Virtual Reality Institute
Virtual Reality for Infantry Soldiers
Spatial Cognition in the Virtual Environment
Electronic Visualization Laboratory
July 26, 1996: Summer Dreams (Part Two): VRML Meets the Military
Controlling Dissemination Mechanisms: The Unstamped Press and the 'Net
VTR to Cyberspace: Jefferson, Gramsci & the Electronic Commons
Human Interface Technology Laboratory
TRIVR Home Page
The New Virtual Environments page
Virtual reality at the NHM
VRML/WebOOGL Zoo of Mathematical 3D Objects
IAT: The Monitor, October 1, 1996
Distributed Virtual Reality:
applications for education, entertainment and industry
lucid mapping: narrative in the Z-buffer