1. Introduce yourself, establish shared interests.

2. How did the project start? What was the original impetus, the germ of the idea? When you started this project, what did you hope to accomplish? Who did you hope to reach? Are there unstated goals for the project--not discussed on the web site, in grant proposals, etc.

3. In our readings for the class, we have learned that digitization—in text, image, or other forms—is always an act of representation, and brings with it certain decisions about what to represent and how: what were the most difficult or interesting issues you have dealt with in the area of representation?

4. Is this a collaborative project? How did collaborators come on board, get involved? If this is collaborative work, how is the collaboration supported? How do you communicate with collaborators? Do you meet face to face? How were collaborators selected?

5. What impact has the project had, or do you hope it will have, on research in the field? Does it, or might it, have impact in other fields? Is this project in dialogue with other digital humanities projects in any way?

6. Are there plans for long-term preservation of the project? Do you work with the library or archives or museums at your home institution? How? Do you work with a publisher? How? What do you see as the relationship between your project and digital libraries?

7. What do you consider the most innovative technical components? What do they think have been the greatest technical challenges? Is there something that you consider a major unsolved technical issue? What data standards are important to this project, how were they selected? Do you participate in the standards development for that standard?

8. What have you learned, or are you learning, from the project? What do you think is the most interesting thing that people don't know about the project? What do you think are the project's shortcomings, as it stands? Is there anything you wish you'd done differently? What are your future plans for the project?

9. Do you do any formal evaluation of use of the site? Do you know how the site is used? What feedback have you received from peers? How do you disseminate information about the project to colleagues?

10. How has the project been funded? Have you applied for funding unsuccessfully? Have you had institutional support? Private support? Do you negotiate your own copyright or use agreements? Has that been a major issue in the project? Are there things you haven't been able to do because of legal or financial constraints? If resources for the project are limited, how do you choose what to do first, what not to do, etc.?

11. Who else might I talk to about this project? Staff, students, collaborators, funders, etc.?